3 Tools to start feeling comfortable to show up as authentic self

November 25, 2020

Let me guess how you’re feeling when you try to start selling on Instagram stories: horrified? Awkward? Embarrassed? Most of my clients started their business the same way hiding from Instagram stories because they didn’t feel comfortable to show up as their authentic self. And let me tell you! All of my clients now LOVE Instagram stories and they are professionals at selling on Instagram stories now. In this post, I will share with you 3 tools that you need to be using to show up as your authentic self on video!

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When you click on Instagram stories and plan to record, are you thinking of all the people who are secretly watching you? Are you scared of your friends, your family or - even worse - your bullies from high school watching you promote your services? This will hinder you from making sales so from today on I want you to ignore all haters! Remember:

“Haters are Motivators.”

I was in radio broadcasting for six years before I started my own business. What I did during broadcasting was to be my own authentic self and it really sold out! I had raving fans listening to my show every single day. Listeners were obsessed with me and still follow me to this day. Now, in broadcasting school we learned how to do that: to build a genuine connection with your audience you need to talk like you’re talking to your family or your best friend. Here are the tools to help you with this:

Tool Number 1: Pretend you’re talking to your best friend

It is not as easy as it sounds but pretend like you’re talking to your best friend. Whenever you record a video for an Instagram story, pretend you’re on a facetime call with your best friend who you’re super comfortable with. Who are you always with when you are the most authentic version of yourself? Is it someone in your family? Is it your best friend that you’ve known since kindergarten? Imagine yourself talking to that person and make sure to use the same mannerism. Be as imperfect as possible because you don’t need to be the most perfect human being. We just want you to be the most authentic self. 

To make it easier for you, just print out a fun picture of that person and stick it next to your screen. 

Tool Number 2: Discover your ‘isms

Be very aware when you’re talking to your best friend. Start noticing how you are speaking when you’re with your best friends. I talk to my clients like they’re my best friends because sometimes they really become my best friends! All of my clients noticed something that I called “Julia-isms”. Julia-isms are terms that I always use when I talk like “chef’s kiss” or “ASAP rocky”. Things I say all the time and that make people remind me of Julia!

I want you to discover your own ‘isms’ and start using them in your content.

Tool Number 3: Utilize the close friends function on Instagram

Instagram stories has a function that is often ignored but is literally so genius when you start to practice on Instagram stories! Use the “close friends” function! Add a few trusted people (and me!) on your close friends list and start posting the wackiest and craziest Instagram stories. I used to do it on snapchat all the time - posting the stupidest thing I’d say to my best friends - and it become a natural habit to me. This way, you’ll have lots of practice without the entire public seeing it and it will start to feel super natural.

When you start posting on your public instagram stories, your audience will love it and will be blown away just because you’re a crazy normal human being as well. 

Take action!

We want to see your ‘isms, we want to see your crazy side, we want to hear your polarizing opinions, we want to see your authentic self. Start practicing now and don’t forget to put me on your close friends instagram story and tag me! I’ll send you crazy stuff back!

I’d also love you to share your ‘isms on Instagram and tag me! While you’re building your personal brand, check out this post on how to get the sale every single time with your personal brand!

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