5 IG Story Prompt Ideas to Create a Loyal AF Audience

July 20, 2020

Today we're gonna be going over the five story prompt ideas to build a loyal as fuck tribe! All of this comes from Stickers, so if you want to know more...that’s where to find it. 

So let's break these all down and then I'll explain what they mean and how we can actually implement them. The first one that I wanna talk about is a polarizing call out, one of my faves. The second is gonna be an Instagram story feature. The third is training on how you can get X to the fundamental sticker, which we'll talk about. Number four is something people may not know about you and number five is a story from A to goals, so let's break all of those down as to why we wanna do them and why they're gonna be so impactful for your business to create this loyal audience that's gonna buy from you literally no matter what you offer. 

1. Polarizing Call Out

I absolutely love polarizing content! This is calling people out in some regard or sharing your opinion on something that may be a little bit controversial. A good example is, back in the day when people used to be like, "Hey guys, what's up? "Happy Monday! "Hope you're having a great day! "Today I'm gonna do a mini training on" and you wanna just fucking die because everyone did that and it was so annoying. It wasted 10 to 15 seconds of everyone's life so then everyone would skip your stories and it would ruin your engagement and ruin your reach because you just couldn't get over the fact of you saying, "Hey guys, what's up?" So I called people out on doing that all the time. And that's a polarizing opinion. 

The way to go about making a polarizing opinion is calling it out, but making sure that you give a solution at the end of it. We want to give them a quick win, and making this change is a quick win. When we give people a quick win, especially when it comes to something like that and you like change or reframe their mind or something like that or reframe the way that they're doing things and then give them a quick win and it works out really well for them, they're gonna be like, "Yes, of course, "like, it's amazing." 

2. Instagram Story Feature

First Instagram story prompt you're gonna be doing. Second is gonna be your Instagram story feature. So, we talk about this in depth within Stickers, but basically it's the same thing as my work break dance party where you do the same thing every single day that people are like, "Wow, I cannot wait to look forward to this." They recreate it. You get more clout from them. They create some kind of consistency and familiarity with your content and they're gonna be like, "Oh my gosh, this is the coolest thing! "Wow, I love Julia's content "'cause I know exactly what I'm gonna get out of it. "I'm gonna get dancing videos. "I'm gonna get some baddie quotes. "I'm gonna get some swear words. "Gonna get some amazing business tips." All that stuff. It's super, super, super important so get in stickers to learn more about the Instagram story features, but basically what I'm saying is, just do the same thing every single day, that's fun to watch and for people to recreate, boom, bam, there you go. 

3. Training on how you can get X to the fundamental sticker

The fundamental stickers are, in case you don't know, and you're not in the stickers gang yet. Fundamental stickers are the key words and phrases we use to describe and market our business based off the results we give to our clients. So we wanna tell a story and take someone on a journey of how we got from X to a fundamental sticker. This could be through a mini training. This could be through a story, whatever it is I want you to actually paint the picture of them moving through it. We talk about this in stickers a lot, as we will in most things that I'm mentioning here, but storytelling is huge in marketing and in business and in personal branding. So painting the story and painting the picture of how people get there, including the emotions, what they did, the strategies that you did so then people, again, can take those strategies and actually implement them because they're gonna remember them because they're told in a story and they're not told as just like fact, fact, fact, here's my call to action, whatever, because people are 22 times more likely to remember things in stories versus when they just hear the facts because that's just the way the human brain works. 

4. Something people may not know about you

I think this is pretty obvious, but just sharing something that, again, people may not know about you. It could be the fact that you love Starbucks. I give away Starbucks gift cards all the time because I love Starbucks and I know that my people, my baddies love Starbucks as well. Or it could be, sharing those vulnerable moments in your life. It could be that you only sleep on cotton sheets. I don't know, whatever it is about you that's something people may not know. Or like, I was in, I've been in cheerleading for 14 years. Been a cheer coach for like five. I was a cheer judge for like three. Cheerleading is a huge part of my life and I feel like a lot of people don't know that, so there you go. And then you get a different connection with this person. You're like, "Holy shit. "I cheerleaded!" Or like, "I danced," or like, "Wow, I did baseball," and automatically we have a better connection because I just shared something that may or may not relate to you in your life. 

5. Story from A to goals

SImilar to the fundamental sticker, except the fundamental sticker's gonna be a result. A story from A to goals could be something like a client win or it could be like a before and after. You know how people do like, before and after pictures of me just starting out. Sad, always working, and then they have like 25 K months. Working three hours a day, doing all the things, or outsourcing everything. That could be a story from A to goals as well. Another story from A to goals could be like, mm let's say, it doesn't even necessarily have to be about business. It could be about like the fact of how you struggled to get pregnant and now you're a mom. Something along those lines and what you did to become pregnant. I'm not, so I don't know anything about that. It could be relevant to you in your situation, but a story about how you went from this one place and how you got to your goals. 

So those are the five story prompts. Boom, bam, you got five days! It's like I made my audience loyal as hell to me over two or three days just by dancing, which has nothing to do with business, but I made it about business. Cheers to that. My challenge to you guys is to actually do one of these and tag me so I can see it @juliapiccolicoaching on Instagram so do a polarizing call out on your Instagram story, an Instagram story feature, a training on how you can get from X to your fundamental sticker, something people may not know about you, and/or story of how you went from A to a goal.

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