Confidence, Increased Revenue & Personal Freedom

You want a coach that sets your soul on fire to help you break free of being “safe” in business. Because safe never got you anywhere. You need a badass leader to help you achieve the up-level of your life.
Hell yes!

Spill The Tea, Baddie,

Is this how you're feeling right now?
Feeling like you're blending in with everyone else - you have so much to offer, it's just hard to stand out

Wanting to be that go-to expert in your niche, but you feel like it's going to take years?

Dying to have dream clients in your DMs saying "I need in this program, sign me up!" but that feels impossible right now

Confused af to not only have a launch that works for you, but also brings in the most income and profit yet?

Struggling to create content that only reflects your programs, your brand, and gets your audience ready to click "buy"?

You're ready to finally make high tickets sales while not working all hours of the day

Let's Make Those Dreams a Reality, Babe!

Consistent $10,000 months? 5 and 6 figure launches?Sold out programs?  Raving fans community? It's all possible when we work together.
When Julia and I first started working together, I was making under $2k a month. Now I’m easily hitting $5k months and just had my highest month at $22,000 for April! I sold 75% of a program before my launch, and it ended up selling out! 

After working with Julia, I have a full roster of high-ticket clients and sold out offers. My income has more than doubled, and my business has clear direction that I know I can sustain.


Fitness and Diet Coach
I want this!

Hey, I'm Julia!

Better known as your Baddie Biz Bestie.

I have a undeniable, soul-on-fire, kinda passion for helping female entrepreneurs embody their unique brilliance, make insane profit, and live out their definition of freedom.

Because I’ve always known I would make it, I am able to attract and align with others who are also highly ambitious, fast action takers, those who know deep down they can become an industry expert but just need help showing up as an authority⁣

I focus on the quality of impact rather than quantity of following - my clients don't need to have 10k+ followers to see  high level results working with me. I created $25k months for myself with 1,700 IG followers. It's possible for you too.


This is truly where the magic happens and where business feels as fun as Margarita Monday.

By being a 1:1 client, you receive the most amount of access possible to me, meaning the highest return on investment.

You know you're an industry leader, and need the custom plans for you to scale your business faster with unconditional support, accountability and hard work; you're so freaking ready for the clear AF action needed to scale.

My 1:1 clients become the masters of their brands. They feel confident and in control of their business while increasing revenue and personal freedom.

My 1:1 coaching is a high level investment on application base only. I give a lot of my time, energy, and love to all of my 1:1 clients.

Apply below so we can get to know you better, and a team member will reach out soon for you to book your call with Julia.


Just some of my client's amazing results
I want in!
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