Create Your Signature Offer, FREE Challenge

June 29, 2020

Do you feel lost in the sea of the same? This isn’t something to be ashamed of, you’re certainly not alone!

In the online space, all it takes is a quick glance on IG to feel like you're just one and the same. Taking a quick glance at all of the Sales Coaches, Photographers, Virtual Assistants, it’s easy to start to question what makes YOU different!

My passion is helping ambitious people like you stand out in business, serve more ideal clients, and achieve financial freedom. 

The question here being, HOW?!?!

How do you create an offer that stands out within the sea of the same; that your ideal clients will remember and save up to enrol in for years to come?

Imagine: having your favourite coffee in hand and receiving "new application" notifications!

Before we get there...we need to create and get clear on what our signature offer is. 

Lucky for you I am hosting a FREE 5 day challenge that will do just this!

I'm taking you through the exact strategies and frameworks I've used to take myself, numerous coaches, and service providers to being the stand out authority in their industry, becoming clear on their product suite, while creating consistent income within their businesses. 

So join me and let’s map out your secret sauce!!

This challenge is taking place July 13th-17th! And we’re covering SOOO much great stuff.

  • DAY 1: Get to know your ICA and serve on a deeper level
  • DAY 2: Becoming super hero problem solvers for our ICA
  • DAY 3: Creating brand loyalty & becoming the authority
  • DAY 4: How to make your ICA read more and click the 'buy' button
  • DAY 5: Strategic and aligned pricing to create profit

At the end of these five days you are going to be clear on what makes you unique, you’re going to know your ICA to a T and have an offer that will use your uniqueness to transform your ICA’s lives!!

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