DM Personality Types, explained!

May 27, 2020

We're going to dive into DM personality types. What they mean, how we can move forward with this, and how the DM script bible is going to be absolutely perfect for you! I'm hyped!

If you have not taken the DM personality quiz yet, make sure to do so using THIS LINK! The results of this quiz will help you a lot, it'll help your clients out too. So let's get into it.

The way I'm gonna start this is by talking about the personality with the least amount of results to most amount of results. This way we can garner some engagement. Marketing, for the win.

Premature Pitcher

The first one that had the least amount of results was the premature pitcher, which I actually enjoyed that this was not a result that a lot of people got. This is the person who pitches people right away, this is the person who doesn't necessarily take the time to build boundaries, even though they might think they are, and they have the best intentions and they potentially know that their service is gonna help people dramatically, they're still just like, right out of the gate they're like, buy my stuff! And the person's like, you don't even know my last name, what the hell?

The main things that people need to focus on when they're premature pitching is relationship building, 10 outta 10 outta 10, like, we need to focus on building these relationships with people before we actually start pitching them.

This is where the DM script bible is gonna come in really handy for you. Within the DM script bible, there are responses for every single personality type. So, when we're trying to build relationships with people and we're not trying to pitch them early, the main things we need to focus on first and foremost, is what is the personality of this person we're trying to talk to. Do they just want to read the bullet points and get out? Do they respond well to storytelling? The way that you can tell these things is by reading their content. Are they using a lot of bullet point content, where they focus a lot on the logistics of things? Or maybe they are always talking about mindset. You can pretty easily find out how they consume, by how they create. This is great info to know, you really want to have a response for them that is specifically for them. Relationship building is so key.

The main thing I want the premature pitchers to focus on is finding out their personality types and really channelling that personality type when you're actually speaking to them and just literally having a genuine conversation. Within the DM script bible, there is an engagement formula that goes from the first conversation, down to when you actually pitch them. And it gives you the perfect way of setting the boundaries, setting the authority, and building the relationship.

Shy Girl

So, the next one that we're gonna talk about is the shy girl.

This is the person who is super duper shy about talking about any of their services. They're like, "oh my god, no, I'm so terrified. Like, Jesus Christ, like, talking about my offer would be like the scariest thing in the entire world".

And I'm sure we've all felt this at some point in our business, that was me when I first started out in business because I just literally had no idea how to sell, I had no idea what relationship building was. And really, when I first started, I first off, had no idea that coaching was even a thing. So, I would like, look up all these YouTube videos about how to sell and it was always men and it was always like, like, very masculine sales. And we all know what I mean when I say that. And it just never resonated with me and it clearly never resonated with anyone else because I never fucking sold anything.

There's a much different way to sell and be confident in our services without being like, very masculine within our sales. And the main, main, main things I want my shy girls and the people who are scared to pitch their services, I want you to remember that your services are the key to someone's happiness. The reason that we created these services was to help people. And there is a million percent chance that there is at least 100 people, at least 100 people on this earth that are just dying to have the service that you provide.

What I want you to realize is that, if we are sitting on this in fear, we're being selfish. Like, you're being selfish. And I want you to think about the person who you're trying to serve and that, the reason you started this business, what would they do if they didn't find you? Whatever your ideal client's pain points are, they're still gonna be feeling that and they're looking for a solution, and the solution is you. So, once we become really confident in sales, that's when everything is gonna be sparked for us, and that's when we're gonna have so much more confidence. And again, this is where the DM script bible comes in with the engagement formula and it fuckin' gives you everything that you need to create the services, or not the services, create the relationships that you would need to sell your services.

Ghost Girl

So the next one, number three on the top five of personality types in the DMs is the ghost girl.

This is the girl that gets ghosted all the fuckin' time and she's like, "I don't know what I'm doing, why don't people respond back to me, I give them all these messages and they just like, leaving me on read, what the hell, people suck, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah".

Okay, we've all been there too. The reality is, we've all been these personality types, it's just where you are as of right now. So, sorry. If you are getting ghosted all the time, there are two things that are missing within your marketing plan, within your presence online, your personal brand, all that stuff.

One, having a strong authority.

And two, building better relationships.

So, if we are being left on read, I mean like, friggin' everyone gets left on read, even like, Tony Robbins probably gets left on read. So like, we need to switch our mindset of like, oh my god, this person didn't respond to me, oh my gosh, I'm gonna sit on this for like, 24 hours and pity party myself. Like, let's get over it. Again, there are seven billion people on this planet, there's another client somewhere else if this person doesn't wanna work with you, kay, bye. Like, move on. I don't know what to tell ya, just kidding. But we need to realize that, one, we are an authority and two, we change people's lives, and three, we don't have time for people that don't have time for us.

It's just like dating, if someone's not gonna like, show you the response and like, the connection that you want, you don't want them as a client anyway. So like, thank you for leaving me on read because it shows you, or shows me your true colours. Bye.

So with that, switching your mindset and having a strong authority online is key. So we need to create a really strong personal brand for us to really show up as an authority online. And we really need to own who we are, own our services, own our personality so that people really resonate with us and see us as this micro-celebrity to them. And then they're like, oh my god, I can't believe that she just DM'd me, that was the coolest thing ever. So then, of course, they can't leave you on read because you're like a mini-celebrity to them. They're gonna be like, oh my god, I cannot believe she just responded to me, that is so cool. So, again, we really need to build up your personal brand and build your authority. And then on the flip side, building better relationships in the DMs.

So, if we have a really strong personal brand and we have a really strong authority, but we never build relationships with people, it just won't coincide together, it won't merge together as a beautiful pair. It has to be a partnership. So, when we have a strong authority, and we have really, really strong relationship building tactics and strategies, then we can come together and it's a match made in heaven.

Two things I wanna talk about with ghosting. If you get ghosted all the time. One, building your strong authority, showing up authentically online all of the time, showing more of, not only talking about, your clients and your services, and some of the testimonials that you've gotten, maybe a story how you went from A to B with your own methodologies, but also like, showing more of yourself, more of what you do in your spare time, maybe some insecurities that you might have, we wanna talk from our wounds not from our scars, keep that in mind. We wanna be showing way more of ourselves so that people can get to know us, and again, see us as this micro-celebrity. If people see us all the time, of course they're gonna see us as a micro-celebrity. But if they never see you, and they never see your face, they never hear your voice, they're gonna be like, oh yeah, it's just like, that girl that I follow, right. So, highly recommend stickers to build your personal brand a highly, highly, highly, highly, highly recommend DM script bible to really build those relationships.

DM Queen

Number four on the top five personality types, the DM queen.

This one actually came in second. I was like, oh my gosh, all the queens, where you at? So, with the DM queens, these people are really good at building relationships, they know what's up, they are on the ball, they always stay consistent, and all that good stuff.

The DM queens know what's up, they've pitched in the DMs before, they know how to get over people ghosting them. The main things that the DM queens need to think about is more consistency and new verbiage.

When we do things by ourselves, whether it be pitching in DMs, building our business, doing anything really, we only know the way that we do it. And that might be fine, like, the way that we do things might be amazing, but the reason that we invest in coaches, invest in school, invest in whatever, is to learn how other people do it and learn better theories, and better tactics and strategies in order to get where we wanna go faster.

So, with the DM script bible, it gives you four different types of verbiage to use to really build those relationships with people. If you are the person who is all about strategy, and you just naturally talk about strategy all the time, you're obviously not gonna connect with that mindset coach or that person who's really, really woo-woo because they're gonna be like, I don't relate with you at all, I don't get the strategy. And if you don't target those people that's fine, but there are still different personality types within those people that we need to target in different ways when we're trying to connect, and build relationships, and close sales online.

The DM script bible covers all four of those personality types and all responses within different categories for all the personality types, but you also get a lead tracker, that my agency uses to track our leads and make sure that we're staying consistent and on top of it. So, I highly recommend staying consistent with your leads, whether it be through the DM script bible lead tracker or just flagging people in your account. Whatever works for you, just stay consistent with those relationships and understand where you last were, where you are in the engagement formula, all of that stuff, and understanding some new verbiage so you can connect with people on a different level.

Friend Zoned

The number one, the most popular one, that most people got was the friend zone. It did not surprise me at all, that the majority of people got the friend zone because hello, like, we all get friend-zoned at least once. And again, we've all been these personality types, it's just where you are right now.

So, with the friend zone, the main things that we need to focus on is authority building. Like I said before with the ghost girl, people who get ghosted all the time, they don't have a strong authority online so nobody sees them as this micro-celebrity and nobody's like, holy shit, she just DMed me, this is so cool. So, when they see you DMing them, sometimes they just don't respond because they just have no connection to the conversation and that could seem a little bit rude to say, but at the same time, I'm telling you the truth in that you need to start building up your authority online.

A good journal prompt for everyone, and this is one of my favourites, is "what would seven-figure you do?". So like, what would seven-figure Julia do? Seven-figure Julia would not be concerned with people who ghost her in the DMs. Bye. Seven-figure Julia would be hiring out her engagement so that she doesn't have to deal with it.

So, what would seven-figure you do? And I'm a million percent sure that she would not be concerned with people ghosting her in DMs, would not be concerned with pitching people and selling people in DMs because she knows that her services literally change lives.

When we're in the friend zone we also wanna start building our authority, we wanna give smart advice. And this is for everyone. We wanna give smart advice and set boundaries. So, what I'm saying is, if you're the type of person who likes to give advice in the DMs, and you should, like, if someone's asking you, like, hey, oh my gosh, like, I think you're so cool. Like, do you have an opinion on this, whatever that might be, like, of course, give them some advice. You don't wanna like, give them full on coaching in the DMs because then of course, you're gonna be stuck in the friend zone because they're not gonna wanna invest in you because they just get free advice from you all the time.

But at the same time, if someone comes to me and asks me a question and I wouldn't write the answer in an Instagram caption, I'm not gonna share it with them in the DMs. Because people invest a lot of money to work with me and I understand that and I don't want to just be giving away everything for free because then, again, that ruins my authority.

So, if someone were to come to me and say like, oh my gosh, I really want to work on my Instagram bio, how do I do that? Then I would direct them to that one post that I made a while ago with the perfect IG bio formula. And I would say like, here you go, this is the perfect way to figure out your Instagram bio. And then, if they come back with another question, let's say, they rewrote and they're like, oh my gosh, what do you think? Then I would say something like, oh, it looks super great, like, I would love to work on this with you, have you ever thought about having a one-on-one coach, have you ever thought about investing in my course stickers? Something like that, where I'm setting the boundary of like, hey, ya need to pay me in order to get this advice all the time, but I'm also giving them some advice, and I'm not just like, ignoring them, and I'm not just, pitching them my services.

The more people who see us as an authority, the more people are gonna take us seriously. And the more that you see yourself as an authority, the more people are gonna take you seriously. So, if you show up on your stories kind of shy, or like, kind of nervous, or you even don't show up on your stories at all, how are people gonna see you as an authority? How are people gonna see you as an authority if you don't see yourself as an authority?

So, take yourself seriously and even call yourself an authority online. Like, someone said this to me the other day, where, let's just say, for example, we were in the corporate world right now and we were all in a boardroom. And then, someone walks in and they're like, who is running this meeting? And if someone were to stand up and be like, oh yeah, I'm running it, all of us would be like, okay, yeah, sure, like, she's running it. Like, nobody would question that this person is running the meeting. So, same thing goes online. Like, if you say that you're an authority at DM sales, people are gonna be like, yeah, she is, she's an authority. There's no like authority police that are gonna come like wee-wooing at your house and be like, put your hands up, you're not an authority online. Like, it's just not a thing. So, once you start owning the fact that you're an authority, people are gonna believe you is what I'm trying to say in like the most roundabout way possible.

So, with that being said, everyone needs the DM script bible, it's literally gonna change your freakin' life because the engagement formula is so sick, it literally gives you everything that you would need for every single personality type. From like, sliding into the DMs, through until closing, personal invites, setting boundaries, the whole nine for every single personality type that you would find in the DMs.

So, I am going to post a little link that everyone can use to get their hands on the DM script bible, it is amazing and y'all, it's literally $97. So, you're gonna spend more on Starbucks this month then you will on the DM script bible, which is gonna make you thousands of dollars, so like, hello.

Make sure you get your hands on the DM script bible. The ROI is so high, that rhymes, I like it. The ROI is high, baby!

Grab the DM Script Bible HERE!!

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