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Learn about the different DM personality types and how to effectively communicate with them! Want to get the EXACT script on how to close sales using the DM personality types framework? Keep scrolling after watching the video!

The DM Script Bible makes selling in the DMs easier than spending hours scrolling on TikTok. Yes, it's true. Plug-and-Play-Scripts, applied psychology and high success rates (I teach the script to all my clients) make selling EASY and FUN.  

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Hi, I'm Julia

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I have a undeniable, soul-on-fire, kinda passion for helping female entrepreneurs embody their unique brilliance, make insane profit, and live out their definition of freedom.

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I created $25k+ months using IG Dms

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Master the Engagement Formula
Study the DM Personality Types
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Literally pre-written responses for EVERY situation
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