What To Do (Before The Sale) to Close More Clients!

May 11, 2020
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Let's talk about the things we need to do before the sale, to close more clients.

When it comes to the whole prelaunch stage, a lot of people aren't as focused on that, so I think it's really, really important for us to hone in on what we need to do before the actual sale. Let's talk about the things we need to do before the actual pitch, and before the actual launch in order to close more sales.

Assuming that we've already done market research, we already know what our ideal client is looking for, we already know their pain points, their pleasure points. We know and understand where our ideal client's are hanging out, what kind of content they're gonna resonate with, we already know that information, let's go off of that.

These are the three things that we need to do in order to close more sales before the actual pitch.

Personal Branding

So, of course, I'm gonna bring it up, personal branding is the key. We need to have a killer personal brand in order for people to resonate with us, in order for us to seem like this bigger, better, badder human being, and for people to actually resonate with us. So, a few questions that I want to ask you;

  • How is your audience building a bondable relationship with you, and how are they getting to know you?
  • How are they getting in the routine of seeing you and watching your stories before anybody else, every single day?
  • How are they getting to the point where, in the algorithm, they watch you so much so that you're the first story that comes up every single time?

The way to do this is to create features on your Instagram stories. So, ideally, in the most perfect world, you want this feature to be something that's easily creatable, easily re-creatable by your audience and something that is super fun to watch. So, I wouldn't recommend doing tips, or a tip of the day, because it's not easily re-creatable by your audience. What I would recommend is doing something like tarot card readings, or I do work-break dance parties every single day, where I make videos of me dancing, and sometimes people make those as well. This is a great way to build exposure, build visibility, and build a relationship because it has nothing to do with your business and everything to do with your most authentic self.

Bondable Relationships

So, then the next thing you want to do go build this bondable relationship is brand stories. Oh my God, if you're one of my clients, we talk about them all the time, and that's something we go through in-depth in my Stickers course as well.

Live videos are really key because we can actually talk with each other, one-on-one, versus you watching my Instagram stories, or you just commenting on a post of mine. Live videos make it so that we can actually have a genuine conversation, we can talk to each other, we can problem-solve right on the spot.

Behind-the-scenes content on your stories is another way to build relationships. So, if I was to post some behind-the-scenes content, I would show me editing a video, like the drifting video that's coming out today, or I would show me and Chive just chillin', or I would show me writing a post, or a time-lapse of me writing content, stuff like that. People absolutely love to see that stuff, because it makes you seem more genuine and more human.

Differential Factor

Now that we understand how to build a bondable relationship with our ideal clients, and how they're getting to know us. Our next focus should be uncovering what our differential factor is, how we are going to stand out from everyone else on the market? This is kind of a daunting question, and again, this is something that we cover in Stickers.

For me, my differential is I'm the baddy biz bestie. My coach and I were actually talking about this last night, where the baddy is like, I'm too cool, you can't touch me. There's kind of an element where I could just post a picture with an emoji caption, and people would be like, "Oh my God, Yes." Don't give a fuck vibes, that's the baddy. The bestie comes in because we have this really bondable relationship, and I love to treat people like everyone is my best friend. I love to make people feel welcome and safe, and that they have a voice and a community. And then, obviously, the business ties it all in together because this is a business, and I want to grow your business, and it's just magic from there. So, my differential factor is that I'm the baddy biz bestie. And the way I stand out is being my most authentic self and helping people build killer personal brands.

Finding your differential factor, is your content recognizable from 10 miles away? Again, this obviously comes from personal branding, from a more design element less than being your most authentic self. If your content isn't recognizable from 10 miles away, then there's gonna be a problem, especially when it comes to resharing and seeing things potentially on Pinterest and other social media platforms. If I can't scroll down my Instagram feed and see something passing by, and I'm like, "Oh, yep, that's Crystal's. "Oh, yep, that's Lily's. "Oh, yeah, that's Courtney's," then there's a problem.


And then, obviously, with the last piece of personal branding, how are you portraying the results you give to your clients? Now, this is referencing fundamental Stickers, but we need to be referencing the results we give to our ideal clients all of the time. People need to know us for the results we give to our clients. So, how are you portraying those results? How are you showing off those results? How are you ingraining it into people's heads that you not only have this service, but you provide X result? So, all of those things, we need to encompass within our personal branding before the actual pitch even happens for us to close a bigger sale.


Once we have our personal branding nailed down, the next thing we need to focus on before the actual pitch happens, for us to close more sales, is to actually have proper engagement.

When I was writing up my notes for this, I thought of this analogy where some celebrities, and some tabloids, say all publicity is good publicity, and I wanna say it's true, kind of, in the business realm with engagement, but it's not all effective. There's all publicity is publicity, yes, and all engagement is engagement, yes, but it's not all effective.

For example, we all have those people that paid a bot to comment on our question feature, that vote on our polls that say, "Oh, Hi, juliapiccolicoaching, love your videos,". And yes, it's publicity, and yes, it's engagement, but we all fucking hate them and we all block them so that they don't do it again, right?

So, when we do engagement, it is so critical and so important that we do proper engagement and have an exact strategy of what we're doing, and how to actually comment with people, how to engage, how to be the authority, how to properly slide in DMs without being fucking creepy and weird. It's all so important, and it's my biggest pet peeve when people hire bots or underqualified social media managers who just comment, "Oh my God, girl, love this post! "This was so good, yes!" Not worth your money, sis. All publicity is publicity, all engagement is engagement, but it's not good engagement. That's the key.

DM Script Bible comes in to really help you with the engagement formula. It goes through the first slide of the DMs through until closing and setting boundaries, personal inviting, the whole nine. So, ya you need proper engagement, you can't just hire out to a VA who costs $10 an hour and expect them to close clients for you, it's just a fact. Same thing goes with personal branding, we need to make sure that we're incorporating ourselves, and our differential factors into our DM messaging.

When we slide into people’s DMs, how are we keeping the authority and finding a way to serve them further? We want to create authentic relationships. Yes, we want to have no strings attached, but we still need to remain the authority in the situation. We're not here to be the person for free resources 24/7. We're not here to be their best friend whenever they need advice. Yes, be a friend, but also be firm in the fact that people invest a lot of money, and time, and energy into you for your services. So, we need to make sure that our ideal clients and our audience members see us as that authority as well.

The Tease Base

The third piece, after we've talked about personal branding and how to be our most authentic selves. Now that we have proper engagement down and we know exactly how to remain the authority and build proper relationships, and close ideal clients. Next, comes the launch plan.

Now, I like to reference launch planning kind of like baseball, how there's four different bases. I want to talk about the first one, obviously, because we're talking about what to do before the pitch in order to close more sales.

Okay, so, the launch plan, the first base is the tease base. We want to have extra visibility and drive more people to our social media profiles. This could mean guest experts in people's masterminds group programs, guest live streaming. This could mean creating viral content that you know people are going to share. This could mean story sharing with other people. However you can get in front of other people's audiences, that's extra visibility, we want to drive more people to our social media platforms. And obviously, with our killer personal branding, people are gonna be like, "Oh, yes, fuck yeah, I'm gonna follow them." And then they're going to follow us and go down the train. So, personal branding is everything, in case you haven't realized yet. So, we have that extra visibility that we're driving people to our social media profiles.

Now we're going to build the excitement for our actual launch. A lot of people do this differently. So, people could either say, for me, when I'm going to launch Stickers, people already know what Stickers is. They're already familiar with it, they already know that it's my personal branding course. They've heard the name forever, so when I launch it, I'm gonna be like, "Oh, Stickers is opening, stickers is opening."

This is different to launching something new, then I'm gonna create different content, and I'm going to approach it a different way. I may be a little bit more secretive with what it actually is, the name at least, of what it actually is, and then I'll just drop a bomb. Or, we could reference when I actually rebranded, I said nothing about what I was doing except something exciting was coming, are you ready, this is gonna be so fuckin' huge, are you ready, are you ready, are you ready? And that got people excited for the rebrand as well. A lot of people thought it was a product launch. Or, you could even do a Beyonce moment and just completely drop something out of the blue. The only way I would recommend doing that is if you have an audience who is just always ready to give you money, that way it'll work out a little bit better for you. But if you're someone who's a little bit newer, who doesn't have the warmest audience yet, then I would definitely recommend going through, obviously, an excitement phase of your launch and really figuring out a plan for that.

So now we have extra visibility, we have excitement for our launch, then we're going to obviously write some content that brings awareness to the number one problem that your product solves. So, let's use Stickers as an example. I'm gonna talk about how to stand out, and how to build your personal brand over, and over, and over, and over, before I even actually launch the product so that my ideal clients are aware that they have a problem, that they're aware that it can be solved, and there is a solution.

As an example, let's say, you're launching a money coaching program. So, if you're creating a course about paying off $100,000 in debt, let's just say, then you're gonna talk about $100,000 in debt all of the time. You're gonna talk about how you paid off you $100,000 debt, how you saved up this much money, how you planned your money, how you uses cash envelopes, whatever. You're going to use $100,000 in debt all of the time, right?

So, those are the three different things we really, really need to focus on before the actual pitch in order to make sales. Let's run through this one more time. Personal branding, proper engagement, and the tease base in your launch plan.

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