How I made my audience obsessed with me by dancing

July 13, 2020

I want to talk about how I made my audience, people in my circle, people outside of my circle, how I made them all obsessed with me within a matter of days. And I want you to know that you can do the same. 

I wanted to preface and give you the entire story on how this all started! I posted on my Instagram story on Friday night saying I wanted to learn this dance that I've been in love with since summer of last year. And I posted it, just wanted to get accountability, and to have someone to show after I was done. Because I didn't wanna memorize this entire dance and teach myself this whole dance, and not be able to show anyone without any context. So, that's what I did. And then once those comments started rolling in, and once I started filming time lapses of me learning this dance, showing progress of me learning the first half and the second half. I brought people along this process with me and I documented all of this content. 

I didn't create any of it. I documented the content. The difference between documenting content and creating content, documenting is showing the behind the scenes, and showing people all of the info that goes into it. Versus an example of creating content is mini trainings, where you give point one, two, three, call to action. 

Once I started documenting, the comments started rolling in. People messaged saying, "This is so cool, oh my gosh, you're so sick, "I can't wait to see more, wow this is amazing. "You're so fire, you're so this, you're so that." And these are people that were, yes, some of my immediate circle people, like my warm leads, my friends, whoever. But they were also people that I've almost never talked to, I talked to them months ago but we haven't connected in so long. These are people in and out of my circle that are now connecting with me on a much deeper level than they ever would have before. 

I quickly realized that this is a perfect training moment for me to show people how important it is to document content, but also have a killer personal brand that people are going to remember forever. This is why stickers is so frickin' important! I can't stress enough how important a personal brand is, because everything revolves back to personal branding. It's the reason why people invest in you, it's the reason that they remember you, it's the reason why they choose you, it's the reason that they remember you outside of social media. It's literally everything. If you wanna build a profitable business, you need to have a killer personal brand. Just point blank, period. Sorry, that's the tea. 

I posted the dance, the full one after I was done. Like me, showing videos of me, sweaty, laying on my floor for hours, me learning this dance for hours, me teaching myself, whatever. People started to build a much more genuine relationship with me and see me on a much different level because I'm not just giving business advice. You got to see me on a different level rather than just business Julia who really is me, just not talking about business stuff all the time. You got to see a different piece of me, you got to connect with me on a different level because some people absolutely love dancing. Or they didn't realize that I've been a competitive cheerleader for 14 years. They're like, "Holy shit, that's so awesome!" Because your brain reminds you of a time where you did that exact same thing or you have a specific time. Maybe you guys danced when you were younger and you're like, "Oh, my God, I did dance too!" Now we have something that's in relation to us versus if I was just to give you business advice all the time.

This is the reason that people invest in someone, because they are invested in their life. If you think about, I'm just gonna go on a rant here. But if you think about every single movie character or TV character, anyone that you absolutely loved in the past, the reason that you love them is because you knew everything about them. You know their laugh, their smile, what makes them cry, how they went from point A to their goals. You know everything about them so that's why you're in love with them. So me showing people that I was learning this dance and taking them along the journey with me, they felt like they were a part of something that was me. They weren't doing the dance with me, I didn't give a tutorial on this dance, I didn't do anything. But I brought them along in the process of me learning how to do it, and they felt more connected to me and felt like they were along the process with me. So people would come back to Instagram just to watch my Instagram stories, and I got so much more engagement and so much more connection out of these people. Which, from a strategy standpoint, also makes the algorithm show me more because they've already engaged with me. It's a win-win-win scenario. 

I wanna emphasize how important it is to have a personal brand and to document content. Personal branding encompasses literally everything within business. Like I said before, it's the reason why people do anything within your business, it's the reason why people invest in you, it's the reason why they remember you, it's everything. I did the dance to Ariana Grande and Social Houses song, "Boyfriend." And I can guarantee you any time my audience hears that song, in real life, they're gonna think about me. Which is killer, because we want people to remember us outside of social media and outside of Facebook, and whatever, and outside of Instagram.

So, the moral of this story is documenting your content is KEY!! You can’t just create content and expect your audience to understand you, you want them to see you as more than just IG, you want them to know YOU!!

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