How to build your personal brand with Stickers

January 8, 2021

Do you remember the fun sticker packs you got in grade school? Whenever you were the best in class, you’d get some cool stickers. Stickers were amazing and everyone wanted to get a lot of Stickers. Now in business, Stickers is still your thing if you want a raving fan audience. Do you want your audience to be more obsessed with you than they are with The Bachelor or with The Kardashians? Then, you need Stickers. Do you want to make an impact in the world just by being the authentic you? Then, you need Stickers. 

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What is the foundation of a profitable personal brand? - Stickers

By using Stickers in personal branding, you’ll learn how to stand out online and how to turn your followers into raving fans. People sometimes call them brand pillars but having Stickers make it easy to visualize the process. Imagine having two types of Stickers: the fundamental and the visual sticker packs. Let’s take a closer look: 

What are fundamental Stickers for personal branding?

The fundamental Stickers pack is filled with words and phrases that describe results that you give. If you read my content, you’ll see me say: “Make more money” or “Stickers” or “Cash Clients” or “Raving Fans” or “Visibility”. Those are all my fundamental Stickers. When you see the phrase “Raving Fans”, you can’t help but to think of me. My fundamental Stickers are the fundamental things that I give to people that sign with me, that work with me.

Why are fundamental Stickers so important?

With fundamental Stickers people get very clear on who you are and what you are offering every single time they see those words and phrases. They are very clear on the results you give and how you help your clients. 

What are visual Stickers for personal branding?

The visual Stickers pack includes colors and things that visually represent who you are or who your business is. For me, I am all about the color purple. Everything in my life is purple. My whole branding is purple. I am also obsessed with coffee and starbucks (I mean, Starbucks really should think about sponsoring me!). And I wear scrunchies on my wrist all the time! So when you see someone wearing a scrunchie on the wrist, you’ll think of me, too! 

When people see your visual Stickers in real life, they will automatically think of you!

Why are visual Stickers so powerful?

Easy - every time someone sees a visual Sticker in real life, they will automatically think of you. Stickers are so important because we want people to think of you in real life and in real time and not only when they are on Instagram or Facebook. People snapchat and tag me in IG stories all the time when they see something purple (or when they go to Starbucks). People tag me when they wear scrunchies on their wrist. 

So, how do you brand yourself with Stickers?

You need to be very consistent. Imagine: If you constantly talk about your horrible mindset, people will start to know you as the girl with the really horrible mindset. But if you talk about consistent 5k months all the time, share success stories of your clients hitting consistent 5k months all the time, you will be known as the girl that gets people to consistent 5k months. I brand myself as a personal brand and instagram expert by constantly telling people about it. 

By posting videos of you in coffeeshops all the time, people will think of you when they’re in a coffee shop. If you wear scrunchies on your wrist all the time, they will think of you when they wear a scrunchie on their wrist. You already have fundamental and visual stickers, you probably don’t know about it yet. This is the thing: Branding is what people think about your back. 

You want to manipulate the way people think about you and how people introduce you by introducing yourself with your fundamental and visual stickers every single chance that you get. 

So, how do you figure them out?

For fundamental Stickers, ask yourself what exactly are you doing for your client? What results can you give to your clients? And how can you communicate that in a single word or phrase? For example, I help people turn their audience into raving fans and cash clients. These are the results I give to my clients. 

For visual Stickers, figure out all the things that you use all the time or things that make you really happy. What do you love in real life? Make sure to be super authentic because it will be hard to stay consistent if you do not feel aligned with your visual Stickers. 

And now?

You’ve learnt about the basics of Stickers now. To really deep dive into Stickers and your own profitable, personal brand, make sure to get access to my Signature course Stickers! 

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