How to build your signature offer?

December 1, 2020

When I coach my clients, I always make sure that they get to build their signature offer with me. A signature offer is an offer that will grow with your business and will be profitable for you for a long time. Look at it as a fundamental piece of your business. Your signature offer is a product or service that you’re primarily known for. Whenever someone thinks of you, you want them to think of your signature offer as well! 

What is a signature offer?

So to answer the question “What is a signature offer?”, here is the short answer: To build loyalty and trust among your audience and to increase your revenue for years to come. 

Can I offer other products or services along with my signature offer or do I have to stick with my signature offer? 

When you start your business, I want you to have a specific signature offer. From there, you can build out your product suite with a wider range of products or services to fit your audience’s needs, transformation goals and pockets. 

What are great examples for signature offers?

Think of people in your business that you look up to! What kind of products or services do they sell? If you think of Alex Beadon, you would normally think of “Gram Slam” - her signature course. For Marie Forleo, you’d think of B School. And I, Julia Piccoli, am known for my signature course STICKERS and my signature group program Skyrocket to Profit. 

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How to build a signature offer?

Choose an offer style

If you are a coach, ask yourself what do you want to teach? Is it business structure? Do you want to teach your clients about tiktok marketing? Or are you an expert in building bird houses? 

Or are you someone who wants to create for others, who wants to get things done for others? Are you a graphic designer or a brand designer? Or are you actually building bird houses for others? Then you are a service provider. 

We differentiate between coaches and service providers because they both have different offer styles. 

For coaches, you have:

  • Private 1:1 coaching
  • Mastermind
  • Group program
  • Course
  • Membership

For service providers, you might have:

  • DFY (done for you) packages
  • Consulting with DFY
  • Consulting without DFY
  • Course
  • Membership

The line is very flowy though because if you’re a coach you can also choose to do both coaching and DFY. Take my group program Skyrocket to Profit for example. In this 6-months-group-coaching-program, you’d also get access to the Hot Content Hacker which includes 12 DFY Instagram posts that you can just copy and paste and edit with your own terminology etc as well as content strategy for three full weeks. This is an example of DFY within a coaching course!

Make sure your signature offer is growing with you and avoid labels!

What exactly do you want to be doing within your business? Do you want to do things for people? Do you want to teach people? Ask yourself these questions before we move to the bigger picture because you want to make sure that your offer will actually be growing within the business. 

If you have an offer for example in which you teach your clients methods to hit 5k-Dollars-months, make sure that this will still be applicable in one year, in three years and in five years. If yes, then it’s amazing! Stick with it! But if you don’t want to be tied down to this thing specifically, don’t label yourself with specific numbers. I once had a program in which I taught my clients to hit 7k months but I also taught people to scale to 10k months, 15k months and beyond. Does 7k still feel aligned to me? Not anymore. 

That is why you need to make sure that your branding, your message, the topics and the transformation within your offer stays consistent. People for years to come should know what to expect! They should know the transformation! If you go from teaching people on how to build a birdhouse to teaching people on how to build a computer, you would leave your audience very, very confused. 

Think about your one year plan, your three years plan, your five years plan NOW so you don’t have to shift constantly. Who do you see yourself serving? A specific person? A bunch of different people? Most people make the mistake of focusing on the label of the person (e.g. “I want to serve female entrepreneurs”). I want you to focus on the pleasure and pain points of the person. What specific pain points do you want to solve?

As for me, I love teaching clients and I also love being on radio. For me creating content, editing video and doing a lot of courses is something I can imagine for the future. I plan to have a lot of passive income because I have many businesses. Working with a dozen 1:1 clients is not for me and it will never be what I want to have in the future. So ask yourself, what you want your future self to be doing. 

Choose your experience

There are several types of offers that provide different levels of experiences. Which one are you more drawn to?

  1. Course: With a course you as one single person can serve many people (actually, you can serve unlimited amounts of people!). 
  2. Group Program: Within a group there are a few people who you can teach and support. For a certain number of weeks (or months), you serve a certain number of people.
  3. Coaching: With coaching, you give one person your undivided attention. This is also the most impactful method because you’re able to customize things to what your client needs. 

Now, create your signature offer based on the information I gave you in this post. Now that you have your signature offer, you’d probably wonder on how to price the offer. We talk about pricing in Skyrocket to Profit. If you are starting your business and want to make sure that you lift off with a business that will be profitable for years to come, make sure to take a look at Skyrocket to Profit where I will teach you everything you need to know for a successful business. 

If you have any questions left, make sure to send me a DM on Instagram (@juliapiccolicoaching). 

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