How to get the sale every single time with your personal brand

November 18, 2020


Have you always wondered how the coaches/influencers/entrepreneurs you’re looking up to can sell so effortlessly? That is because they use consumer psychology and they know how to use the absolute best marketing tool to sell like crazy. So, what is the most powerful marketing tool? If you’re thinking about social media marketing or even SEO, think again! 

What is the world’s most powerful marketing tool?

I want you to imagine the following scenario: Your car needs to be fixed and you have never been to a car mechanic before. Hell, you don’t even know a single thing about cars! The only thing you know is that your car needs to be fixed as soon as possible. 

You’ve heard of sleazy car mechanics before who’d use your disknowledge to their advantage and end up upselling services that will drive the bill to new heights. So, how do you find one that is actually good and will do its job without making you broke? 

  • Option 1: You google a car mechanic and get a zillion search results. Most car mechanics have a horrible web appearance and even when you find one that looks okay, you keep wondering: “Can I trust them?”
  • Option 2: You go on Instagram and look around for car mechanics. You find highlight reels and lots of glitzer. But still the question remains: “Can I trust them?”
  • Option 3: You ask your friends and relatives whether they can recommend you a good car mechanic and what kind of experience they can share on certain car mechanics in town. It’s that easy but it’s the safest way to find a great service provider/product without being scammed.

PS: You can watch this training on YouTube too:

How to get the sale every single time!

Word of mouth and personal branding

Word of mouth is POWERFUL and it can be used the same for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are an influencer, a coach, a seller or an entrepreneur. By using word of mouth effectively, you’ll be able to sell more to people who trust you from the beginning. 

Now, how does personal branding fit into? Instead of asking their friends, people will start asking you because you turn into their trusted source. By having an amazing personal brand, people will see you as an authority and as an influential person. In the long run, it means that you will be able to sell pretty much effortlessly to a community that loves and trusts you. You will become the Word-of-mouth-source. You will receive DMs from people stating that “they love your work, they love you and they want to work with you!” How amazing is that? Too good to be true? Let’s take a look at a few examples:


1. Before I started my own business two years ago, I was a radio host for six years. To this day, I still have radio listeners following me. Heck, some even started their own business when they started to consume my content on Instagram. When I was a radio host, I was able to build a personal brand that people were obsessed with. Six years later, I still have loyal fans engaging with my content. How amazing is that? 

Raving Fans Through Personal Branding
Do you want to get messages like these? Build a personal brand!

2. Do you know Emma Chamberlain? If you don’t know her, go check her out here and follow her! Emma is a fashion icon and she started on Youtube 3 years ago. By being a normal teenager and her own quirky, authentic self, she managed to blow up over night! Today, she is a fashion mogul working with established brands like Louis Vuitton. She even owns her own coffee company! Her personal brand made it possible for her to become so successful. 

3. “Oops, I did it again”. Britney Spears is a legend but do you know that Britney’s conservatorship has been going on for over more than a century? Still, ride or die fans have never forgotten her. Instead, her fans are still fighting for her - for more than a century! Do you want to stay in your fan’s minds forever and ever? Build a personal brand. 

How do you create a community and your personal brand?

You want to build a personal brand, that makes people want to join your community. The people who join, will stay in your community and you will have raving fans who will gladly buy from you. In my signature course, STICKERS, we talk about how to build a personal brand. I highly recommend you joining my course if you want to create a STRONG personal brand. My course is super implementable and I made sure that everything is very clear without any bullsh* fluffy cloud. 

You can start right away because I will give you a task that you can do right now: 

Task: Share what you’re absolutely loving right now on your Instagram Story. 

Example: I absolutely love Original Special K. There is literally no cereal that is better than Special K (fight me on that! Leave me a DM on Instagram stating your favourite cereal so we can discuss!). I would then share a short video of me eating Special K (mmmhhhh!) and open a poll on instagram asking “Have you ever tried Special K?”. 

You won’t believe how many responses you’ll get! People love sharing about themselves and learning about at the same time (psychology, duh!). By polling them, you can then DM poll participants and start a genuine conversation. I’d respond to people with “OMG, I love that you love Special K! I’ve never met anyone who loves Special K as much as I do” or with “OMG, you need to go to the grocery store NOW and try it!”. And that’s how you start a genuine conversation with people who will start to feel connected with you. This is how you will create a strong bond with people who will go from followers to raving fans. 

This task is really easy, so go ahead and share something now! Make sure to tag me so I can vote in your polls and learn more about you! If you want to know more about personal branding, go read my blog post on how I made my audience obsessed with me by dancing. If you want to create more IG stories, get your 5 IG story prompt ideas to create a loyal AF tribe. And if you want to enhance your personal branding in your IG stories, grab my gift for you: Your Biz Baddie IG story designs!

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