How to use your personality to close your next client!

June 15, 2020

Closing your next client using your personality, obviously ties into personal branding, which is my forte, it's my ting. So let's dive in!

When we are trying to figure out our unique brilliance and how we're able to use our personality, we need to figure out and define what our personality and what our unique brilliance actually is. So I made this chart that I want you all to do, if you have not yet. And this is a tool that I would recommend doing at least once every quarter. What you’re really passionate about, what people are coming to you for, it can all change overtime.

So the chart that I want you guys to create has two columns. On one side I want you to write the things that people ask you to do all the time. I want you to list out everything that people ask you about whether it be about business, friends, relationships, whatever it is, make a list of everything people ask you about all of the time. And then in the second column, I want you to write down what lights you up. And again, I want you to focus on everything in your life, not just what your business currently is. Because when we list out all of these things will start to realize different patterns and see different things and realize, okay, my business may have this one spotlight on it right now, but people are asking about this all the time. And this lights me up. So why am I not focusing on that? Right? So this is for us to define our unique brilliance. 

I guarantee that as you do this you will start to see a lot of similarities between those two lists. And we'll start to realize our unique brilliance that people see in us and the things that we see in ourselves, but we're putting our horse blinders on because we feel like we have to fit in this certain mold or box or have this specific thing in order to be successful. 

So, moving forward with that in mind, then I want you to understand what you're like when you're with YOUR people. So, typically online what we like to do is show our highlight reel. I'm definitely at fault for this, everyone does it because we don't want people to see like, our bad side, or whatever. But I want you to realize what you're like when you're with your best best best friends or maybe with your partner, maybe your dog, whoever you're like in your most genuine state. I want you to start listing out the qualities of what you do when you're with those people. 

So for example, when I am hanging out with my little sister and our best friend, we share our best friend, I am so goofy. I laugh my ass off uncontrollably, I'll say like dirty innuendos, I’m very goofy and sarcastic. I want to start bringing that more into my content like showing videos of me like pissing my pants laughing because we're just so goofy. And that's something that we wanna start incorporating to create our unique brilliance. 

So start thinking, what qualities do you have when you’re with your people?

Maybe your partner makes you feel like super goofy and like super crazy or like they make you feel like you can be really sarcastic and sassy or something along those lines and they make you feel like super giddy and have butterflies all the time. How can we start incorporating that into your content? 

What I want you to do is write down those qualities of what you're like with your people. And, now that we have an idea of what we're like in our most authentic, fun, genuine state. Let's start bringing that into our content, into how we interact with our ideal clients. 

Once you’re clear on that, the next step is how to make your clients fall in love with you and how to make them become raving fans of yours!!

I’m going to talk about two different ways to go about this! But there's so many other ways to create love with your ideal clients, I could talk about this for like years. But today we’re focusing on two.

Brand Stories

The first thing I want to cover is brand stories! So brand stories are those stories that you always tell your ideal clients like, a really amazing moment that you had or like a really trying time of when you went from A to Z and how you got there. A lot of people call it like the hero's journey. They are really important because when we listen to stories our brain automatically tries to come up with a story of when we felt that exact same way, which makes us feel connected to the story teller. 

One of my brand stories I haven't posted about it in a while, but one of my brand stories is that I had an abusive ex boyfriend that tried to take over my business idea and made me feel like a piece of shit for making this business idea and wanting to do it by myself. So I broke up with him, moved across the country, and here we are. A lot of people resonate with that because we've all had that one person in life that doubts us, that treats us like shit, that we got over and we left and now we're finally doing the thing that we wanna do. So telling stories like that and creating a brand story or brand stories is gonna help click with your ideal clients and make them so much more connected to you.

This is the hero's journey formula that I want you guys to use when you're creating your brand stories. This could be a bunch of different things, it could be like a negative to a positive like I said with my abusive ex boyfriend, or it could be like, how you went from making 0 to 100k in five months, whatever that is for you. It can be happy or sad, but we're definitely starting with a major emotion gap.

The first line in your Instagram posts or any posts you make is always going to be the headline, it's always gonna be the kicker and you always want to make it so people want to click and read about what you’re going to say. This is a major emotion gap you wanna say something like, the example I always use is "I was so excited I was gonna shit my pants” or like, "I had tears rolling down my face and I can't believe he said that to me" something like that and people are like, What? And then people wanna read more. 

Once we have that major emotional gap, we're going to set the scene. So then let's go off of, “I was so excited, I was gonna shit my pants”. So then setting the scene, I would say something like, “I was looking at my PayPal, on November 9 of 2019. And I saw there was $10,000, sitting in my PayPal”. True story. It's wild. And then I would go into some major emotional gap, “I was feeling like, I had finally hit my goal. This was too good to be true. I felt waves of gratitude coming over my body and I felt the tears rolling down my face as I realized that I have financial freedom and I have the business that I've always dreamed of”. Something like that. So we have the major emotional gap, we have setting the scene, what feelings were you feeling in that moment? And what was the problem? So going back off of the $10,000 in my bank account on early November, I would say like, the problem was, six months ago, or even in January or February of 2019, I wasn't even able to pay my $600 rent, I was even struggling to pay that. So now that on November 7, or whatever it was of 2019, I was able to have like, $10,000 just sitting in my PayPal with other money sitting in my bank account, like it was just fucking wild. And then once we discussed the problem, how do we transform and overcome? So the way that I transformed was, I'm investing in myself, always having belief in myself, working hard, but also not overworking myself. Whatever those things might be for you. 

The next thing I would touch on is the question of, why are you qualified? I’d say I'm qualified because I've spent fucking way too much money on coaches and investing in my knowledge. I'm qualified because I help people make more money and scale their businesses every single day, all of those things. And then the last part of this formula is how will they transform. So this is where we're going into like our market research. This is where we're going into our fundamental stickers and talking about how they're going to transform and their goals from our story. So if you are looking to get a story like mine, this is how you're gonna transform, doing ABCDEFG, whatever that may look like. 

To recap, the hero's journey, brand story formula, major emotion gap, setting the scene, what feelings were you feeling? What was the problem? How did you transform and overcome? Why are you qualified? And how will they transform? Those are gonna be the steps to creating the perfect brand formula.

Getting Uncomfortable

The second part of our ideal clients falling in love with us is getting uncomfortable! You see a lot of people using our social media as a highlight reel, a lot of us are used to just creating content and not actually documenting it. So the differences between creating content and documenting content, creating content would be like your mini trainings, your scheduled strategic posts, all of that stuff. And that stuff is really important. And I'm not saying to never do that, because again, that stuff is the stuff that we need the strategy in order to, sell the thing to the people for the thing, whatever it is. But at the same time, we wanna start documenting content because that is gonna be the game changer for your personal branding. 

Once people start seeing you in a real state and you're literally just documenting what's happening and you're not actually creating, people are gonna see you on a more authentic level. And they're gonna connect with you way more than they ever would just with many trainings and the strategy behind everything. We can only be so natural and authentic, telling people how to do things, right? So that's how you get people to fall in love with you.

What you could even do is go on a different platform, something like snapchat, and post there. I do this so I have time to think if this is something I want to share with my audience, but now it’s already documented. So I'll go on Snapchat, and I'll record us just being super fucking goofy. And then I'll save them and then I'll just post them later on. So you don't have to like, feel like you have to be always on social media, just literally start videotaping stuff all the time. If you know a monumental moment is coming, just start videotaping and then just start documenting those things.


So we understand how to find our unique brilliance, how we show up as our most authentic self, and how to make our ideal clients fall in love with us. Now we're gonna start talking strategy in conversations in the DMs and start actually going into the process of closing these people. So the game changer is realizing that not everyone is like you and not everyone talks and relates to the way that you talk. There's different personality types when we're talking to our ideal clients and we need to try to engage with them and interact with them to their personality type. 

A great example is that I'm a very strategy focused person, I'm really trying to get in my feminine and in my mindset more and try to understand that world because I think it's so, so, so important. But at the same time, I'm still very strategic. And I love the strategy. That's what I teach. That's what I do. Again, incorporating mindset, but like, that's the main thing. So if I'm going to someone who is super fucking woowoo, and they're like, no strategy, they are like, very much like, I take aligned action, all of that stuff. If I talk to them, like I would talk to myself, they're gonna be like, I don't resonate with you at all, because they don't get the strategy. They don't understand that they don't resonate with that at all because it's not what they do. So there's different personality types that we need to actually be speaking to when we're in the DMs so that people can better relate to us versus trying to talk to the way that we would talk to ourselves, or talk to people like us. 

You’re elminitating a lot of potentially ideal clients if there are four personality types, and you're only talking to one. You're cutting out three quarters of your ideal clients just because you haven't figured out how to actually talk to them yet.

We want to think about staying true to our most authentic selves, while talking to clients with different personality types. And the way that I do this and the way that I talk to people and present myself online is that I pretend and treat all of you like you're my best friend in the entire world. I put horse blinders on to the fact that you're not my best friend, and we don't know each other in real life. I fully pretend like we are literally best friends. And I can confide in you anything and you can confide in me in anything. And I want to give you my full trust. And I want to give you my full energy and time, because I love you and like we're best friends. And that's just the way that I go about things. And if you're not my best friend or you don't like me, then that's not on me it's on you. Right? It's just a mindset shift. It's just thinking about like, not everyone has to like you, but the people that do like me are my best friends. They're my raving fans and you're my raving fans. It's like a family thing. If we're treating everyone like our best friends, and we understand each personality type we’re golden!! In the DM Script Bible I actually list all of them out for you. 

There are four different personality types. 

  1. The first one is red, they are the fastest decision makers. They like bullet points. They like to skim content. They just like to move fast, get over with and go. 
  2. The blues are emotionally driven. They love stories. They love images. They love hearing the brand stories. That's what they resonate with most. 
  3. Then yellow is, oh my gosh. They love gifts and boomerangs, they love like fun, upbeat, silly, they love adventure. They love community, they love just like the happier things in life. 
  4. And then greens are all about the strategy, the detail, the analytics, the hard facts. 

It’s important to note that all of us have all of these and as we all wanna know this information, but all of us are more one than the other. So for me personally, like I am more red, I make decisions really freaking fast and I just take it and go, I wanna be done with things really quick. I would go like red, yellow, blue, green. That's the way that I roll personally. So once we understand and know what each personality type is like and how we can communicate with all of them, which in the DM script bible, there's an engagement formula and within every section of the engagement formula, you have each response for each personality type. 

Once we have all of that, closing the sale is pretty easy from there. Once you follow the engagement formula with the DM script bible, you're closing the sale. Once you follow the engagement formula, you start telling the brand stores, people are falling in love with you. It's super freaking easy to close a sale. Because people already know you, they already like you. they already trust you. They already see you as an authority. They see you as a friend like it's a win win win win situation. So it's super easy to close a sale once you've had that strategy. You have the mindset shift. You have this tools and everything to back you up. What else do you need, right? Once you figure out your unique brilliance, and you implement your unique brilliance, falling in love with you. And the strategy within the DMs and figuring out people's personality types and talking to those personality types. Closing the sale is literally just asking for it closing inviting, 

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