"Millennials Love To Consume Short-Form Video"

June 9, 2020

UpCity published an article entitled 'Millennial Marketing, According to the Experts'. In this article, they outline 32 tips & tricks for marketing to Millennials. You can read the article HERE!

Tip number 32, stating that Millennials love to consume short-form videos goes on to say that our attention as Millennials "is constantly being pulled in different directions and since social media is so on demand, Millennials are looking for quick information while still being entertained".

Yours truly was quoted saying the following;

"Instagram will always be a relevant and great option to market to Millennials. You have the visuals, you’re able to post longer-form captions for the people who do like to read, you have Instagram stories where you’re able to teach and give people an insider view on you and your business, you also have the close friends and group chat DMs to build closer relationships with your audience. – Julia Piccoli, Founder, Julia Piccoli Coaching"

Why am I sharing this with you? While I wanted to humble brag that your baddie is now famous, but more so pass on this info.

This online space is full of Millennials, your ICA is probably a Millennial. So check out the tips & tricks talked about in this article!

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