Money Making Activities to Hit Your Next Level

August 3, 2020

We're going to go over the money-making activities you need, in order to scale to your next level! 

There are five different money-making activities. We'll go over the five, and then I will dive deeper into them each. So, the first is self-care, the second is build trust, the third is learning, fourth is community, and five is authority. So let's go into all five of those different categories, and how we can implement those to, again, hit our next level. 

1. Self-Care

So, the first money-making activity is gonna be self-care. If you're not taking care of yourself, then how are you gonna be able to serve your clients, and serve your business, and serve your community at the level that we're probably looking to serve them. It's probably gonna be a little difficult, a little if not a lot difficult. I talked about this a few times during our Your Next Level Mastery Mastermind launch, about when I was hitting 20K, 25K months, I was so unhappy because I was working constantly, because I had no mindset practice whatsoever, and now that I actually have a mindset practice in place that works well for me, I'm able to hit those months while being genuinely happy and working less at the exact same time. I'm not the type of person to do the journaling exercises every single morning, do the meditations, but if that works well for you, awesome. That's so good. The whole point is finding what works for YOU!

For me, I've been doing EFT tapping a lot recently, which Jill has gotten me into. I wake up really, really slow, and I take my mornings super slow. I wake up probably at 9:30, I'll roll out of bed by 10, 10:30. I'll eat some breakfast, and I typically start working at around 11 or noon. I don't take calls super early in the morning, I don't like doing it, I don't wanna do it, so why the fuck would I do it? And then, I watch some YouTube videos, I eat a really big breakfast, because I like to eat a lot and then just chill. And then, I eat my dinner. And then, some version of self-care for me is also doing something fitness-related, and it's been hard for me to do something fitness-related, because of the lack of accountability. It's so easy for me to just sit on the couch or sit on my bed and watch Netflix, and watch Love Island and do absolutely nothing. I love learning new dances, but at the same time, I need someone to hold me accountable and actually get my body moving. So, I invested in my client Rachel. 

Rachel Stewart and I have been working together for, oh my god, six months now, and she is also in the Mastermind which I'm so excited for, we'll be working together for 10 months, we've basically created a baby together. And I invested in her Bring Out Your Badass program, because I want accountability, I want support, and I want some support on a different level than just business support. And the community aspect of everything to me is so important, especially during COVID. I live alone and I love Chiddy, she's just chilling with me on my bed. I love her to death, but at the same time, she's not a human, you know what I mean? So, I invested in Rachel. If you wanna follow her, her handle is @rachel_stewart_fitness. So go follow her, she's amazing, get in Bring Out Your Badass, join it with me, Jill's doing it too. So, we believe in investing in our clients because they're all so frigging talented. 

This is all self-care, you have to do something self-care related, whether it's journaling, EFT, doing something for yourself, do something for yourself to then better your business and our clients, because they're both so intertwined. 

2. Trust

The second piece is building trust within our audience. Of course, people need to know us, they need to like us, they need to trust us in order to even consider buying something. So, the different ways that we can build trust within our audience are gonna be engagement, behind-the-scenes content, regular uploads, and daily content. 

So, obviously, engagement, genuinely engaging with your audience. Now, I have a social media marketing agency that does this for me, and a bunch of other high-level coaches in the industry, so they go out and they find leads and develop those leads for us, and then, we just close the client, basically. But even going into people's Instagrams, or Facebook groups and engaging in there, and actually just showing up and being a genuine human being is going to propel you forward because you're just building trust, and building relationships with your ideal clients. 

Behind-the-scenes content, that could be something like a time-lapse of you typing on your computer being like, "I'm working on something new, "so excited to give this to you guys!" Or showing people the backend of your course, or showing people how you set up your contracts. Whatever's relevant to you, show people behind the scenes so they can actually see what it's like. A lot of people, especially in bigger businesses and companies don't normally get to see the behind the scenes of what's going on, and that builds trust and relations with other people. 

Regular uploads and daily content. So, those are two different things, regular uploads is obviously keeping your content relevant and regular, and you're actually showing up constantly, and you're not updating your Instagram story once in a blue moon. Then, daily content would be repetitive things so people can get used to seeing you do specific things on social media. And this idea actually came from radio broadcasting. I was in radio for six years before I went full-time into business, and you'll notice if you listen to radio shows, they have specific things they do every single time of every single day, and that's to create audience listenership and loyalty and all of that stuff, and you can do the exact same thing on your Instagram stories and on your Instagram. So, I know some people that pour a cup of coffee every single day, and that's their thing. Or people do dance videos like I do, or whatever's relevant to your business and your personal brand, do something every single day so people can look forward to doing that specific thing, or looking at that specific thing every single day. I dive more into that in Stickers, so if you're in Stickers, go do that. 

3. Learning

The third thing is going to be learning, so this kind of goes into self-care and bettering yourself for your business, but we need to learn something new every single day, whether that's through mentorship, YouTube,'re just gonna be bettering yourself as a business owner for your clients, and this is why I will always, always, always invest in a coach and people smarter than me. I have two very high-level coaches. One is Sabrina Philipp, and the other is Shannon Lutz at The Social Bungalow. Both of them are just insane geniuses at what they do, and they're both very, very successful, and I surround myself with people like that, because even when both of them open their mouth, I'm like, "I would have never thought of that." Or maybe you would have thought of that, they just said it in a different way that just sparks something for you in your mind, and having a mentor is so important, and whether or not you want to invest in a mentor right now, that's the biggest thing that I suggest, because it's such a great return on your investment. You can watch YouTube videos, you can listen to podcasts, anything that's gonna spark creativity in your mind, and get you excited about doing something, or creating something in your business again, or even just teaching something new. 

4. Community

The fourth activity is going to be community! Obviously, we wanna create this community within the people that are watching us. We don't just wanna have an audience and not do anything or make them feel like they're a part of our lives. It's why celebrities and artists have names for their audiences. Like, oh my god, I cannot remember what Ariana Grande's is, but like Beliebers for Justin Bieber. So, if you create a name for your audience, that just kind of intertwines everyone together, and it feels like you're part of a little family, like y'all are my baddies, or my friends. You know what I mean? Or creating a close friends feature on Instagram, and uploading exclusive content into there. Group chats are also really good for Instagram and even for Facebook Messenger, if that's more of your thing. Facebook groups, really, really great for creating community.

5. Authority

And then, the fifth piece is going to be building your authority. So, obviously, for people to buy from us, they need to see us as someone who is a mentor to them, who knows a lot more and who can better themselves and their business. So, giving new info out to other people, teaching them about your framework or methodology. If you don't have a framework or methodology yet, we're going deep into that in Your Next Level Mastery Mastermind with Jill and I. Highlighting a client win, or even a win for yourself, and how maybe you did that. And then, sharing how you're growing in your business, and sharing maybe what you're doing behind the scenes, and how you're growing and how you're bettering yourself. 

To review those once more, self-care is the first one, second is building trust, third is learning, fourth is community, and fifth is authority. And those are gonna be your five daily money-making activities to hit your next level. Woo woo! 

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