My Journey with Mindset

July 27, 2020

I wanted to take some time to share my journey with mindset and strategy! I have a very masculine, logistical, logical, brain. And, sometimes it doesn’t feel like mindset work is what I need. BUTTT let me assure you that you do need both mindset and strategy to really scale and hit your next level.

As I said, I am very logical, I'm very strategic, I'm very show me the numbers, I'm very I need the strategy, I need the steps, I'm very much like if you don't give me the next step I'm like I need the next step. I need a strategy. But with mindset practices, it's very much like how do you feel about that thing? Or let's get into a high vibe. And back in the day, I was like this is all bullshit. This is just so messed up. How could this help me in any way, shape, or form? I thought all of it was just a load of crock to be honest with you. 

Then I started hitting my 20k months, and I was working all the time. I worked on weekends, I worked until like 10 pm, I had no time for myself, I had no self care, I was just sad and overworked and overtired and bitchy all the time, because I just was always working. And then people would comment and say that I was so inspirational, which killed me because I wasn't a role model at all! I literally felt like I just wanted to sleep forever. It was so sad. And I knew that this wasn’t what I wanted, or a sustainable way to run a business!

What I didn't realize was the imposter syndrome that was at play! Imposter Syndrome is so much more than who am I to do this? That's obviously a valid imposter syndrome reason, but at the same time it's not what I dealt with and that's kind of always what I thought imposter syndrome was, the thoughts of like who am I to do this? And I rarely rarely rarely have those thoughts, I'm very much the type of person that's like fuck you watch me. So, I didn’t think I had imposter syndrome...but I was wrong!

My imposter syndrome was telling me that I need to be constantly working in order to succeed, I'm not valuable unless I'm constantly working. I'm not a successful coach if I'm not doing everything all of the time. And so that was my biggest hurdle. And I didn't realize that was really holding me back until I was hitting those 20k months, and I was like I don't want this to be my business. I wanted my 20k months to continue, obviously. But I had mindset work to do, to stop the feeling of needing to hustle my face off 24/7 in order to make anything happen for myself.

I’m still not the type of person to have a mindset practice where I meditate and I journal and I do all the things. I don't like writing all that much, especially with pen and paper, just because my brain is weird. But what I do like to do is wake up really fucking late in the day and I like to start work super slow. So, typically I'll wake up at like 9:00 or 9:30, sometimes 10:00 am, I will lay in bed for a bit, just chill. Sometimes I'll watch tiktok, which I know people are saying you're not supposed to have your phone in your bed but like let me watch a few tiktoks, okay? It's funny, let me live. And then I'll eat breakfast, watch YouTube videos, and just take my morning super slow. I don't take any calls before 11 AM. Typically client calls start between like 11:30 and noon, and then I'll work till like six. And then I'll let myself chill for the rest of the day.

Client calls, I don't have any on Fridays. I rarely have some on Thursdays. I've batched my days where Mondays and Tuesdays are my really busy days, which I'm totally fine with, that's where I have most of my client calls. Then on Wednesdays it's decently busy. Thursdays and Fridays it's all about me and my business and what I wanna do in my business. And that's what works for me, and that's what gives me self care, because I'm able to just check out at the end of the day. 

Something that really helped me was actually giving yourself a thing to do every single day when you check out. Or like you clock out for the day. So if you're at a part time job where you have to physically clock out and leave the building, then that is your cue of "I'm done work for the day." Some people drink a glass of wine. Some people play video games, smoke weed, whatever you're doing, for me, it is eating dinner. After I eat dinner I'm not doing any work after that, which is usually around like 6:30 PM. And that's just what's helped me out so much is that I give myself the rule of we're not working after we eat dinner because then that's time that we're hanging out with my boo, or we're watching Love Island, or I'm doing nothing. You know what I mean? It has helped tremendously. But, the clocking out at the end of the day thing was really big for me. And that's something that I highly recommend everyone having. 

Having a mindset routine has made business five billion times easier for me which makes me serve my clients on a whole new level. It makes me a happier human being. I'm able to outsource to my team. And trust them and give them things to do and actually just be the CEO of my business rather than me being everything within my business. Which is just such a blessing. My team is absolutely incredible. 

Once you get the mindset strategy on point and you break through all the limiting beliefs in your subconscious, I know Jill says oh my gosh, I might get the number wrong, but 99.96% of everything we do comes from our subconscious brain. But, once you work through all those limiting beliefs in your subconscious and you're able to actually just show up and do the things that you actually wanna do and work through that launch plan that's gonna be so successful for you because you don't have those limiting beliefs in the back of your mind.

This is exactly why Jill and I created Your Next Level Mastery Mastermind. There's no other program out there where you get Jill, who is the leader in imposter syndrome coaching who is kickass at NLP which is a bunch of techniques to break through those limiting beliefs in your subconscious, but then there's also me where once you get a hang of this over here with your mindset, then we go into business strategy and we focus on building your business and we focus on your launch plan, building a community that is your literal raving fans and your loyal as fuck tribe. Once we get those two together, then literally you hit your next level. These are both the components of hitting your next level and that's exactly why we created the mastermind. 

It’s important to us that this experience is not only fun and beneficial, but also that it is going to make you hit your next level in business whether that's 2k, 5k, 10k, serving this amount of clients, designing this amount of websites, whatever it is. But, at the same time, we also wanted to make it an experience where you can be so goofy with all of your best friends and have fun and have this community full of people who just understand exactly what you're going through because we as online coaches and as standout leaders in our industry, we get where you are and where you wanna go. We've been there before or even we're there with you right now, and we know exactly what's going through your mind and your business, and we can break through those limiting beliefs, again, and give you the strategy to help you hit that next level. Plus these are like implementable tools that you can use for the rest of your life. So, we're so fucking excited about this. If you have any questions about it, please let me know!

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