My Number One Launch Secret, Revealed!

May 27, 2020

Today, I'm going to giving you my number one launch secret. It's a different way to go about it, and it is going to get you hella more sales and close hella more people, and scale really fuckin' fast. While building relationships online!

We're gonna run over two other super important things that I believe to be true about launches. I learned these through my own launches, my clients, people I know, everything. So we're gonna go through two things, and then I'm gonna give you my number one secret, because it leads into that.


So the first launch secret that I really want you guys to focus on, is having your mindset in check. Maybe you've heard it before, maybe you haven't, but I want you to remember that when we are in launch-mode, most of the time, at least once, we have this lack mentality of oh my gosh I'm not gonna make it happen, I'm not gonna hit this amount of people in, I'm not gonna make this amount of money, I need to make this amount of money, and we feel gross and yucky and weird. I honestly think that's why a lot of people don't like to launch things, is because we feel this negative mentality within us.

I want you to remember, and have the shift within your mind, that you're the CEO of your business and your company. If you don't want to do live videos every day, don't. If you don't want to post every single day, don't. You don't have to do anything, keep that in mind. And I want you to remember that there are over 7 billion people on the planet, and at least a million of them are looking for someone exactly like you, who is ready to take their business to the next level, who is looking for your exact service, who's like dying to meet you, everything along those lines.

When we're in launch mode we're also thinking to ourselves, oh my god I'm not gonna hit this goal, the number of people I want in. But why stress about the people that we don't have when we could stress about the people that we do have in? And stress, meaning in a good way, like oh my god I can not believe that I have three new amazing clients, who are perfect for this program, who absolutely love the work that I do, who are so talented, who are so incredible, versus the people that aren't even in yet. That's like stressing about people who unfollow you, why would we stress about the people who unfollowed us when we could be so happy and so grateful for the people who see value in us, who continue to follow us, who watch our stories all the time? It just makes no sense when you put it that way, so when we're going through a launch, it's really, really, really important to have our mindset in check, and have this mindset of anything is possible, I am the CEO, I'm the business owner, I'm the company owner, I can do literally whatever I want, whenever I want. I want you to remember that there are 7 billion people on this planet, and there's always, always, always, always, always, another client.


So, once we have our mindset in check, the second super important thing that I don't think a lot of people take advantage of, and really own, is incentives. Now, when I say incentives, I don't mean take money off. Yes, you can take money off, but if we constantly take money off of our programs people are going to reference us as the discount version of a coach. And I'm not saying that to be rude, I'm not saying that to be mean, but it's just the truth. If you see sales coming from someone all the time, you're gonna be waiting for the next sale, and you're not gonna pay full price for that specific thing. That's just the fact, like if you go to Walmart, you don't wanna pay full price.

With our coaching, we're fucking Herm├Ęs, bitch, we're Gucci, we're Prada, we are not Walmart. So, discount things, yes. I would recommend discounting passive products, like if you have affiliate codes, if you have a flash sale, yeah, discount those. But the way that we get incentives is to add things onto it and even doing this is so much greater for your authority and your reputation as well, versus taking money off. So, when we talk about incentives, we're gonna talk about things that are adding onto our services, or even just adding onto things in general.

So let's say if you're launching a course, you could say, I'm gonna do a free group coaching call for everyone that signs on between this date and that date. Not only does it give you the authority by adding that incentive on, where people get extra coaching from you, but you're also giving them a timeline, and creating the urgency with a deadline. Or what you could do is add on access to a separate course, you could also give away extra time with you, a VIP day. For all of my high level 1:1 clients, they get a VIP day with me in Toronto, where I pay for everything. So, this is also an added incentive that is not a discount off, that is super high fuckin' level that people absolutely love. Or you could even do a store gift card. So for example my ideal client loves Starbucks, they love the bougie coffee, they love lattes, and americanos, and all that shit. So, I will give them Starbucks gift cards, also Starbucks gift cards are super duper easy to give away. You could go on Etsy and get a custom candle. All those things are so incredibly easy to add to a service, build your authority, and not take money away from your services.

So we have our mindset in check, we're in an abundant mindset, we're not in a desperate, needy place, we also have an understanding of what our incentives are and how we can present ourselves as the Herm├Ęs, the Gucci, the Prada, the Chanel, whatever you wanna label yourself as, now the number one secret, and you've all heard this before, but I really want to instill it within you about how important it actually is, and how you can implement it properly.

Personal Invites

The number one secret to my launch success is personal invites, hands down, no questions asked. Personal invites are the literal shit. Here's the reason. With personal invites it makes your audience feel like they're being invited into a fuckin' cool secret club if you're branded properly. So the way that I brand myself, I'm like the baddie biz coach, I'm the baddie biz bestie, I am an exclusive club that people who work with me are high-level, the people who work with me are fuckin' ambitious, ready to go people. So when you work with me, and when I invite you to work with me, which I do frequently to the people who are within my circle it feels like they're being invited into a secret, cool-kids club, right? So, when we do this it builds our authority and it makes them seem like oh my god I can't believe she's inviting me, that is so fuckin' cool. Versus just seeing the ad, and seeing you promote it over and over and over and over and over and over.

Some people just can't get off the fence, some people are just like, yeah I'll just stick behind here because I have limiting beliefs, which is fine, it's our job as their coach to remove their limiting beliefs, get them off the fence, and get them to where they need to be, which is where they're gonna be with your services. And, personal invites gives you the chance to break down the limiting beliefs so that they can take the step into working with you!

Let's go into how to actually personally invite people properly. It's about all the work you do beforehand. When we are personally inviting people, always, always, always, always, always, track your leads, and track everything you do. So with my social media manager, we track all the conversations we have, we track what they said, we track sales calls, we track literally everything. By tracking this information, you have all this information to include personal details into the invitation. It's not a copy and paste message, it's not a cold DM, if you're thinking that personal inviting is cold DMing, you're doing it all wrong. By the time you're personally inviting, you've already done all the work beforehand, you've warmed them up and tracked your engagement with them. When I say they're warm, I mean you've chatted with them, you've talked about business, they may have even asked about working with you and what kind of options you do, or what types of coaching you do, something along those lines.

Then I want you to create this kind of love letter to your ideal clients. Now, if you want the exact script DM Script Bible, hands down no questions asked, super fuckin' easy. But if you don't, which girl why not, write a love letter to your ideal client, and say to them why they're so important to you, how you can get them to their goals, why they need to be in this program, and the two main important things that you want to include within this personal invite, is potentially an incentive, and a deadline. Just like we talked about.

So you'd introduce what you're launching, something like, I am gonna be launching 1:1 Coaching really soon, in about one or two weeks, I have been watching you, I think you're so amazing because of X, Y and Z, I need you in this program, you need to be in this program, blah blah blah. You want to include the incentive, so this could be a VIP day, getting first dibs on the program. And then add a deadline at the end of it. The deadline is something like, "I am gonna be opening this up in a week, I'll give you until Thursday to decide, do you have any questions?" Something like that, we want to make sure it's pretty blunt, and we give them an exact deadline of when they need to decide, so it's not just open in the air and they can just forget about it, or be like oh yeah, oh sorry, it's two weeks later, is this still available? No. It's not still available, sis. We have shit to do, we got shit to go.

When you do voice messages it resonates so much more, so if you do a personal invite properly, it's never, ever, ever gonna seem like it's a copy and pasted message. Ever. But if you do it on voice messages it just adds so much more authenticity and it seems so much more genuine, because it's just coming right out of your mouth, and it's not written like a copy and pasted script, even though it should never ever be. And then typically what I do when I send out personal invites is I send them out one to two weeks before the actual program launches, that way I can have some kind of buffer time.

If you guys want the actual foundation of sending a personal invite, plus literally every single response you would need to warm up a person, to closing a person, DM Script Bible is available, it's the shit, I love it, it's the bomb-diggity. Get your DM Script Bible, HERE.

I challenge you guys to personally invite at least one person today into a program, into a product, into a service. I know that there's at least one person in your DMs, that you're just dying to work with, that you know is a perfect fit for a specific program or service, that you're just like, "I hope they see it," and you're just waiting at the window like a dog with one hand, and you're like crying, "I just hope they see my pitch!" Just fucking do it, they're gonna be so grateful that you actually slide in and ask.

To recap everything that we just went over, when we are launching, make sure your mindset is in motherfuckin' check, there are 7 billion people on this planet, there's always another client. And then personal invites, tracking leads, sending things in a voice or video message, and sending it out one to two weeks before you actually launch, but today, we are gonna be sending a private invite to at least one person today.

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