How to build a personal brand in 2021

Have you ever heard that you just need to be “authentic” in order to build a successful personal brand? It’s such an overused word in the industry that really tells people nothing.

In this blog post, we are covering how to build a personal brand in 2021 without the bullshit. I'm here to give you the exact strategies on how to build a personal brand that's also authentic to you, profitable and also strategic. I truly believe that when you are authentic, and you're also strategic, that's what makes a personal brand super profitable. 

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There are six pieces that you need to build your profitable personal brand. All of these pieces and strategies come from my signature personal branding course STICKERS. These six pieces are the things that you can implement right now in order to build your personal brand because I'm not here to just tell you what you need and then walk away. I'm here to give you some strategies so you can actually walk away and start to build your profitable personal brand right after reading this.

Find your unique brilliance

I am a huge firm believer that every single person has their own unique brilliance that they can bring to whatever they want to do. 

As an example, if you're a personal brand, and you're wanting to become an influencer of some kind, you have your own unique brilliance that you can bring to these companies that you want to be an influencer for. Or if you want to be a coach, you have your own set of brilliance that is completely unique to you that you can bring to your clients. 

For me, part of my unique brilliance is the fact that I was in radio broadcasting for six years and built profitable audiences and raving fan audiences while I was in radio, and then that skill set transferred into my coaching business and now with my product-based business, Monarchy Lash Co.

So there are three different questions that you can ask yourself to bring to light what your unique brilliance is for you in your business and brand:

Becoming known for your results

I challenge you to start talking about client results every single day. So let's say that your ideal clients really want to feel like they're creating more time within their day, you can start talking about the clients that created more time in their day or they learned how to plan their schedule. Talk about it all of the time because then you're going to become known for that person that helps people create more time within their day.

The more times we repeat something and do something, the more we're going to be remembered for that. That's the main thing that I want you to take away from personal branding. In general, you have to be consistent. When you are consistent, you become known for that thing. 

 Expressing your brand visually

I am not a graphic designer by any means. But I do know what it takes to brand something visually.

If you do not have a logo and a full brand design from a professional at this point, take a deep breath, relax, and focus on these three things right now to better enhance your visual brand.

Use the one main font, use the sub font, use one color and use one emoji consistently every single day. If you do all these three, then you're going to become known because people are going to have consistency with you then they're going to know what to expect on your Instagram Stories. 

The end result would be you’re going to become known for those things. A personal example is I’m known for the color purple. It was actually insane because people would take pictures in store of purple things, or they would send me makeup that was purple. But the main thing was I was inside their minds. 😉

You don't have to have a professional brand in order to become known and become memorable for your brand. 

Get your brand pillars in place

When businesses and brands are first starting out, not a lot of entrepreneurs define what their actual brand pillars are because they're so concerned with other things like growing their followers, signing clients, selling their offers, etc.

But if you don't have brand pillars, and people don't know, like and trust you, they are not on the same page as you and they are not invested in you and your brand, then they're not going to buy from you.

You need to build and know your brand, vision and purpose. All of these brand pillars that we're about to get into before we actually get the followers and the sales, because then they're going to be so aligned, and they're going to be loyal, raving audience members to you. 

So the four brand pillars that we cover within STICKERS that you need to have are your purpose, position, voice and values. 

Sharing your story

These are two story prompts as to how to write your first brand story. 

The times that you created a miracle are the best stories that you can possibly tell because they're so true to you. You don't need to pretend or heavily elaborate a story just to get a point across. For example, if your miracle was pressing publish on your Instagram business profile then some of your audience will probably resonate with that too because we've all felt that fear of clicking that button, posting our first story, just selling for the first time and it's going to resonate with more people when you're honest with yourself and with your own story.

Brand content creation made effortlessly

The way that I do brand content creation is through content pillars (which is similar to our brand pillars). Anytime we're creating a piece of content, we can go back to our content pillars and think:

What you can do is to come up with a top five or six topics that your business or brand is going to talk about all the time. Maybe it's fashion advice, jewellery, recommendations, personal stories, and something else. Or it could be content creation, personal branding, selling, like something along those lines that are super broad topics that you talk about all the time. These topics light you up and are in your unique brilliance and align with everything we talked about above. Then underneath those main topics, create subtopics of each. 

So as an example if you're a mindset coach and you have imposter syndrome as one of your main topics, then a subtopic would be journaling prompts. The next one could be what imposter syndrome actually is. And then another one could be how to stop imposter syndrome just as an example. So then you have your main topic of subtopics. Then underneath those sub-topics, create headlines or just content ideas so you can go back to those and be like, “Okay, yes, top five ways to stop imposter syndrome as an example.” 

So to recap on how to build your personal brand in 2021 these are all of the things we cover within STICKERS, my personal branding course: your unique brilliance,  becoming known for your results, expressing your brand visually, the foundations of your brand, sharing your story and on-brand content creation made effortless.
If you find this helpful and would like to uplevel your personal brand even more this 2021, join STICKERS, it is your exact step-by-step course to creating a Profitable Personal Brand that positions you as an industry leader with a raving fan audience.

Top 5 Ways to Boost Instagram Engagement without hashtags!

Real talk: I hate hashtags. They’re so finicky and so unreliable. Yes, they are great for some people, don’t get me wrong! But they won’t work if you just fill your posts with hashtags, post them and then ghost your own posts. To use hashtags, you really need to make the best use out of them. You can’t expect high engagement based on the hashtags you use. I can guarantee that nobody is going to look through the hashtag #businesscoach to find their next business coach. 

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So, I had my first 25k month with only 1700 followers. Note that I didn’t have a big Facebook group or a big e-mail list either ( I probably had around 200 people in each). I made 25k all through building a loyal audience and having amazing Instagram engagement. Here are five tips that you can implement right away:

Tip #1: Utilize other people’s audiences

This method is so powerful but unfortunately, too many are too scared to do this. So, how to use other people’s audiences to get more engagement on instagram? Do Story shares! This is how it works: 

  1. Approach people that you know within your community who you already have a connection with. This can be a common coach, a common friend or maybe just a common group chat. You can also approach people who might be influential for your audience (and where it’s possible for you to give a lot of value to their audience). 
  2. Dm them and  say: “Hey xxx, I noticed that you have this offer. Oh my gosh, it’s so amazing! Since we have a very similar ideal client, I would love to provide value for your community, and I would love for you to give some value for my community as well with doing a story share.”
  3. Record instagram stories on your own phone (don’t forget to write all the captions) and share your instagram stories with your story share partner over Instagram, Google Drive or Dropbox. They should do the same. Have a set for when you’re going to share each other’s stories. This is amazing exposure for both!
  4. Give some kind of value with CTA to be
    1. To follow you on Instagram and DM you with a specific word just to show that they have watched your stories so you two can connect and bond over that.
    2. A free resource that you want to give them access to.

Keep in mind that these people in their community are cold to you or maybe even lukewarm at best. They don’t know who you are or what you’re about. They don’t know and trust you yet. If you were going to sell, it probably won’t go well because trust is the key to sell. 

Tip #2: Comment on industry giant’s posts

Do you follow any celebrities like Kylie Jenner or Ariana Grande? Have you noticed that when your friends comment on their posts, you will see their comment first? So, when you scroll through your Instagram feed, you’d usually see your friends’ comments without even clicking on specific posts! This gives you more engagement because people will keep seeing your name when they scroll through their instagram feed plus people from their comment section are typically likely to click on your profile (and follow you!). Make sure to find giants in YOUR industry though. 

Tip #3: 3-2-1 Engagement Strategy

How does the 3-2-1 Engagement Strategy work? 

  1. Find an ideal client (through hashtags or through industry giant’s posts). 
  2. Like three pictures. 
  3. Comment on two posts. 
  4. Reply to one story. If they don’t have a story up, comment on their highlights or respond to a post in their DMs. 

This works because your ideal client will notice you but you won’t appear as a spammy bot. Since you got into their DMs, you can start a genuine conversation and build up trust. 

Tip #4: Highlight user experience

Try to create a binge-worthy experience with your highlights! Organize your highlights in such a way that they flow and people can easily binge watch all of your highlights. On my Instagram profile page, visitors will first binge watch the Black Friday Sales highlights, then continue with Skyrocket To Profit, then Stickers, then Results, then Tips for Business Growth, then People loving me on social media and then end with Podcasts. This makes it easy for people to binge watch all your highlights. You want them to DM you saying “Wow, I literally watched all of your highlights, so much good information!!”. 

Tip #5: Shareable content in your content strategy

Heads up, if you don’t have a content strategy yet, DM me right now saying “Content Strategy” and I will help you out. You should have a content strategy if you want to be successful on Instagram. Now, make sure to have shareable content in your content strategy. Shareable content will improve your reach as well as get you high engagement rates. Make sure to create content that your audience can relate to. For example, I uploaded a TikTok about how I wake up in the morning and go on social media to update content and ended up watching 200 TikToks. A lot of people could relate to this (I mean who can resist TikTok??) and shared my TikTok across TikTok and Instagram! 

Now, if you have Reels, make sure to upload on Reels too! Pro Tip: Upload a video on TikTok, save and then upload on Reels. Two pieces of content in one go, you’re welcome!

Bonus Tip

Before you go to implement all these tips, make sure to check out Haro. With Haro you Help A Reporter. They will send you three emails daily full of categories of reporters looking for different pieces of information from experts. When you help a reporter out, you could get free press! This is also a great way to get more eyes on you and your content, so make sure to check it out. 

Don’t forget to grab my free guide on how to monetize your audience! Once you have a loyal audience, you might want to reap the results. I’ve got you covered with 21 ways to monetize your audience. Head over here to grab your guide!

How to build your personal brand with Stickers

Do you remember the fun sticker packs you got in grade school? Whenever you were the best in class, you’d get some cool stickers. Stickers were amazing and everyone wanted to get a lot of Stickers. Now in business, Stickers is still your thing if you want a raving fan audience. Do you want your audience to be more obsessed with you than they are with The Bachelor or with The Kardashians? Then, you need Stickers. Do you want to make an impact in the world just by being the authentic you? Then, you need Stickers. 

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What is the foundation of a profitable personal brand? - Stickers

By using Stickers in personal branding, you’ll learn how to stand out online and how to turn your followers into raving fans. People sometimes call them brand pillars but having Stickers make it easy to visualize the process. Imagine having two types of Stickers: the fundamental and the visual sticker packs. Let’s take a closer look: 

What are fundamental Stickers for personal branding?

The fundamental Stickers pack is filled with words and phrases that describe results that you give. If you read my content, you’ll see me say: “Make more money” or “Stickers” or “Cash Clients” or “Raving Fans” or “Visibility”. Those are all my fundamental Stickers. When you see the phrase “Raving Fans”, you can’t help but to think of me. My fundamental Stickers are the fundamental things that I give to people that sign with me, that work with me.

Why are fundamental Stickers so important?

With fundamental Stickers people get very clear on who you are and what you are offering every single time they see those words and phrases. They are very clear on the results you give and how you help your clients. 

What are visual Stickers for personal branding?

The visual Stickers pack includes colors and things that visually represent who you are or who your business is. For me, I am all about the color purple. Everything in my life is purple. My whole branding is purple. I am also obsessed with coffee and starbucks (I mean, Starbucks really should think about sponsoring me!). And I wear scrunchies on my wrist all the time! So when you see someone wearing a scrunchie on the wrist, you’ll think of me, too! 

When people see your visual Stickers in real life, they will automatically think of you!

Why are visual Stickers so powerful?

Easy - every time someone sees a visual Sticker in real life, they will automatically think of you. Stickers are so important because we want people to think of you in real life and in real time and not only when they are on Instagram or Facebook. People snapchat and tag me in IG stories all the time when they see something purple (or when they go to Starbucks). People tag me when they wear scrunchies on their wrist. 

So, how do you brand yourself with Stickers?

You need to be very consistent. Imagine: If you constantly talk about your horrible mindset, people will start to know you as the girl with the really horrible mindset. But if you talk about consistent 5k months all the time, share success stories of your clients hitting consistent 5k months all the time, you will be known as the girl that gets people to consistent 5k months. I brand myself as a personal brand and instagram expert by constantly telling people about it. 

By posting videos of you in coffeeshops all the time, people will think of you when they’re in a coffee shop. If you wear scrunchies on your wrist all the time, they will think of you when they wear a scrunchie on their wrist. You already have fundamental and visual stickers, you probably don’t know about it yet. This is the thing: Branding is what people think about your back. 

You want to manipulate the way people think about you and how people introduce you by introducing yourself with your fundamental and visual stickers every single chance that you get. 

So, how do you figure them out?

For fundamental Stickers, ask yourself what exactly are you doing for your client? What results can you give to your clients? And how can you communicate that in a single word or phrase? For example, I help people turn their audience into raving fans and cash clients. These are the results I give to my clients. 

For visual Stickers, figure out all the things that you use all the time or things that make you really happy. What do you love in real life? Make sure to be super authentic because it will be hard to stay consistent if you do not feel aligned with your visual Stickers. 

And now?

You’ve learnt about the basics of Stickers now. To really deep dive into Stickers and your own profitable, personal brand, make sure to get access to my Signature course Stickers! 

How to build your signature offer?

When I coach my clients, I always make sure that they get to build their signature offer with me. A signature offer is an offer that will grow with your business and will be profitable for you for a long time. Look at it as a fundamental piece of your business. Your signature offer is a product or service that you’re primarily known for. Whenever someone thinks of you, you want them to think of your signature offer as well! 

What is a signature offer?

So to answer the question “What is a signature offer?”, here is the short answer: To build loyalty and trust among your audience and to increase your revenue for years to come. 

Can I offer other products or services along with my signature offer or do I have to stick with my signature offer? 

When you start your business, I want you to have a specific signature offer. From there, you can build out your product suite with a wider range of products or services to fit your audience’s needs, transformation goals and pockets. 

What are great examples for signature offers?

Think of people in your business that you look up to! What kind of products or services do they sell? If you think of Alex Beadon, you would normally think of “Gram Slam” - her signature course. For Marie Forleo, you’d think of B School. And I, Julia Piccoli, am known for my signature course STICKERS and my signature group program Skyrocket to Profit. 

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How to build a signature offer?

Choose an offer style

If you are a coach, ask yourself what do you want to teach? Is it business structure? Do you want to teach your clients about tiktok marketing? Or are you an expert in building bird houses? 

Or are you someone who wants to create for others, who wants to get things done for others? Are you a graphic designer or a brand designer? Or are you actually building bird houses for others? Then you are a service provider. 

We differentiate between coaches and service providers because they both have different offer styles. 

For coaches, you have:

For service providers, you might have:

The line is very flowy though because if you’re a coach you can also choose to do both coaching and DFY. Take my group program Skyrocket to Profit for example. In this 6-months-group-coaching-program, you’d also get access to the Hot Content Hacker which includes 12 DFY Instagram posts that you can just copy and paste and edit with your own terminology etc as well as content strategy for three full weeks. This is an example of DFY within a coaching course!

Make sure your signature offer is growing with you and avoid labels!

What exactly do you want to be doing within your business? Do you want to do things for people? Do you want to teach people? Ask yourself these questions before we move to the bigger picture because you want to make sure that your offer will actually be growing within the business. 

If you have an offer for example in which you teach your clients methods to hit 5k-Dollars-months, make sure that this will still be applicable in one year, in three years and in five years. If yes, then it’s amazing! Stick with it! But if you don’t want to be tied down to this thing specifically, don’t label yourself with specific numbers. I once had a program in which I taught my clients to hit 7k months but I also taught people to scale to 10k months, 15k months and beyond. Does 7k still feel aligned to me? Not anymore. 

That is why you need to make sure that your branding, your message, the topics and the transformation within your offer stays consistent. People for years to come should know what to expect! They should know the transformation! If you go from teaching people on how to build a birdhouse to teaching people on how to build a computer, you would leave your audience very, very confused. 

Think about your one year plan, your three years plan, your five years plan NOW so you don’t have to shift constantly. Who do you see yourself serving? A specific person? A bunch of different people? Most people make the mistake of focusing on the label of the person (e.g. “I want to serve female entrepreneurs”). I want you to focus on the pleasure and pain points of the person. What specific pain points do you want to solve?

As for me, I love teaching clients and I also love being on radio. For me creating content, editing video and doing a lot of courses is something I can imagine for the future. I plan to have a lot of passive income because I have many businesses. Working with a dozen 1:1 clients is not for me and it will never be what I want to have in the future. So ask yourself, what you want your future self to be doing. 

Choose your experience

There are several types of offers that provide different levels of experiences. Which one are you more drawn to?

  1. Course: With a course you as one single person can serve many people (actually, you can serve unlimited amounts of people!). 
  2. Group Program: Within a group there are a few people who you can teach and support. For a certain number of weeks (or months), you serve a certain number of people.
  3. Coaching: With coaching, you give one person your undivided attention. This is also the most impactful method because you’re able to customize things to what your client needs. 

Now, create your signature offer based on the information I gave you in this post. Now that you have your signature offer, you’d probably wonder on how to price the offer. We talk about pricing in Skyrocket to Profit. If you are starting your business and want to make sure that you lift off with a business that will be profitable for years to come, make sure to take a look at Skyrocket to Profit where I will teach you everything you need to know for a successful business. 

If you have any questions left, make sure to send me a DM on Instagram (@juliapiccolicoaching). 

3 Tools to start feeling comfortable to show up as authentic self

Let me guess how you’re feeling when you try to start selling on Instagram stories: horrified? Awkward? Embarrassed? Most of my clients started their business the same way hiding from Instagram stories because they didn’t feel comfortable to show up as their authentic self. And let me tell you! All of my clients now LOVE Instagram stories and they are professionals at selling on Instagram stories now. In this post, I will share with you 3 tools that you need to be using to show up as your authentic self on video!

Watch this episode on Youtube too!

When you click on Instagram stories and plan to record, are you thinking of all the people who are secretly watching you? Are you scared of your friends, your family or - even worse - your bullies from high school watching you promote your services? This will hinder you from making sales so from today on I want you to ignore all haters! Remember:

“Haters are Motivators.”

I was in radio broadcasting for six years before I started my own business. What I did during broadcasting was to be my own authentic self and it really sold out! I had raving fans listening to my show every single day. Listeners were obsessed with me and still follow me to this day. Now, in broadcasting school we learned how to do that: to build a genuine connection with your audience you need to talk like you’re talking to your family or your best friend. Here are the tools to help you with this:

Tool Number 1: Pretend you’re talking to your best friend

It is not as easy as it sounds but pretend like you’re talking to your best friend. Whenever you record a video for an Instagram story, pretend you’re on a facetime call with your best friend who you’re super comfortable with. Who are you always with when you are the most authentic version of yourself? Is it someone in your family? Is it your best friend that you’ve known since kindergarten? Imagine yourself talking to that person and make sure to use the same mannerism. Be as imperfect as possible because you don’t need to be the most perfect human being. We just want you to be the most authentic self. 

To make it easier for you, just print out a fun picture of that person and stick it next to your screen. 

Tool Number 2: Discover your ‘isms

Be very aware when you’re talking to your best friend. Start noticing how you are speaking when you’re with your best friends. I talk to my clients like they’re my best friends because sometimes they really become my best friends! All of my clients noticed something that I called “Julia-isms”. Julia-isms are terms that I always use when I talk like “chef’s kiss” or “ASAP rocky”. Things I say all the time and that make people remind me of Julia!

I want you to discover your own ‘isms’ and start using them in your content.

Tool Number 3: Utilize the close friends function on Instagram

Instagram stories has a function that is often ignored but is literally so genius when you start to practice on Instagram stories! Use the “close friends” function! Add a few trusted people (and me!) on your close friends list and start posting the wackiest and craziest Instagram stories. I used to do it on snapchat all the time - posting the stupidest thing I’d say to my best friends - and it become a natural habit to me. This way, you’ll have lots of practice without the entire public seeing it and it will start to feel super natural.

When you start posting on your public instagram stories, your audience will love it and will be blown away just because you’re a crazy normal human being as well. 

Take action!

We want to see your ‘isms, we want to see your crazy side, we want to hear your polarizing opinions, we want to see your authentic self. Start practicing now and don’t forget to put me on your close friends instagram story and tag me! I’ll send you crazy stuff back!

I’d also love you to share your ‘isms on Instagram and tag me! While you’re building your personal brand, check out this post on how to get the sale every single time with your personal brand!

How to get the sale every single time with your personal brand


Have you always wondered how the coaches/influencers/entrepreneurs you’re looking up to can sell so effortlessly? That is because they use consumer psychology and they know how to use the absolute best marketing tool to sell like crazy. So, what is the most powerful marketing tool? If you’re thinking about social media marketing or even SEO, think again! 

What is the world’s most powerful marketing tool?

I want you to imagine the following scenario: Your car needs to be fixed and you have never been to a car mechanic before. Hell, you don’t even know a single thing about cars! The only thing you know is that your car needs to be fixed as soon as possible. 

You’ve heard of sleazy car mechanics before who’d use your disknowledge to their advantage and end up upselling services that will drive the bill to new heights. So, how do you find one that is actually good and will do its job without making you broke? 

PS: You can watch this training on YouTube too:

How to get the sale every single time!

Word of mouth and personal branding

Word of mouth is POWERFUL and it can be used the same for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are an influencer, a coach, a seller or an entrepreneur. By using word of mouth effectively, you’ll be able to sell more to people who trust you from the beginning. 

Now, how does personal branding fit into? Instead of asking their friends, people will start asking you because you turn into their trusted source. By having an amazing personal brand, people will see you as an authority and as an influential person. In the long run, it means that you will be able to sell pretty much effortlessly to a community that loves and trusts you. You will become the Word-of-mouth-source. You will receive DMs from people stating that “they love your work, they love you and they want to work with you!” How amazing is that? Too good to be true? Let’s take a look at a few examples:


1. Before I started my own business two years ago, I was a radio host for six years. To this day, I still have radio listeners following me. Heck, some even started their own business when they started to consume my content on Instagram. When I was a radio host, I was able to build a personal brand that people were obsessed with. Six years later, I still have loyal fans engaging with my content. How amazing is that? 

Raving Fans Through Personal Branding
Do you want to get messages like these? Build a personal brand!

2. Do you know Emma Chamberlain? If you don’t know her, go check her out here and follow her! Emma is a fashion icon and she started on Youtube 3 years ago. By being a normal teenager and her own quirky, authentic self, she managed to blow up over night! Today, she is a fashion mogul working with established brands like Louis Vuitton. She even owns her own coffee company! Her personal brand made it possible for her to become so successful. 

3. “Oops, I did it again”. Britney Spears is a legend but do you know that Britney’s conservatorship has been going on for over more than a century? Still, ride or die fans have never forgotten her. Instead, her fans are still fighting for her - for more than a century! Do you want to stay in your fan’s minds forever and ever? Build a personal brand. 

How do you create a community and your personal brand?

You want to build a personal brand, that makes people want to join your community. The people who join, will stay in your community and you will have raving fans who will gladly buy from you. In my signature course, STICKERS, we talk about how to build a personal brand. I highly recommend you joining my course if you want to create a STRONG personal brand. My course is super implementable and I made sure that everything is very clear without any bullsh* fluffy cloud. 

You can start right away because I will give you a task that you can do right now: 

Task: Share what you’re absolutely loving right now on your Instagram Story. 

Example: I absolutely love Original Special K. There is literally no cereal that is better than Special K (fight me on that! Leave me a DM on Instagram stating your favourite cereal so we can discuss!). I would then share a short video of me eating Special K (mmmhhhh!) and open a poll on instagram asking “Have you ever tried Special K?”. 

You won’t believe how many responses you’ll get! People love sharing about themselves and learning about at the same time (psychology, duh!). By polling them, you can then DM poll participants and start a genuine conversation. I’d respond to people with “OMG, I love that you love Special K! I’ve never met anyone who loves Special K as much as I do” or with “OMG, you need to go to the grocery store NOW and try it!”. And that’s how you start a genuine conversation with people who will start to feel connected with you. This is how you will create a strong bond with people who will go from followers to raving fans. 

This task is really easy, so go ahead and share something now! Make sure to tag me so I can vote in your polls and learn more about you! If you want to know more about personal branding, go read my blog post on how I made my audience obsessed with me by dancing. If you want to create more IG stories, get your 5 IG story prompt ideas to create a loyal AF tribe. And if you want to enhance your personal branding in your IG stories, grab my gift for you: Your Biz Baddie IG story designs!

Money Making Activities to Hit Your Next Level

We're going to go over the money-making activities you need, in order to scale to your next level! 

There are five different money-making activities. We'll go over the five, and then I will dive deeper into them each. So, the first is self-care, the second is build trust, the third is learning, fourth is community, and five is authority. So let's go into all five of those different categories, and how we can implement those to, again, hit our next level. 

1. Self-Care

So, the first money-making activity is gonna be self-care. If you're not taking care of yourself, then how are you gonna be able to serve your clients, and serve your business, and serve your community at the level that we're probably looking to serve them. It's probably gonna be a little difficult, a little if not a lot difficult. I talked about this a few times during our Your Next Level Mastery Mastermind launch, about when I was hitting 20K, 25K months, I was so unhappy because I was working constantly, because I had no mindset practice whatsoever, and now that I actually have a mindset practice in place that works well for me, I'm able to hit those months while being genuinely happy and working less at the exact same time. I'm not the type of person to do the journaling exercises every single morning, do the meditations, but if that works well for you, awesome. That's so good. The whole point is finding what works for YOU!

For me, I've been doing EFT tapping a lot recently, which Jill has gotten me into. I wake up really, really slow, and I take my mornings super slow. I wake up probably at 9:30, I'll roll out of bed by 10, 10:30. I'll eat some breakfast, and I typically start working at around 11 or noon. I don't take calls super early in the morning, I don't like doing it, I don't wanna do it, so why the fuck would I do it? And then, I watch some YouTube videos, I eat a really big breakfast, because I like to eat a lot and then just chill. And then, I eat my dinner. And then, some version of self-care for me is also doing something fitness-related, and it's been hard for me to do something fitness-related, because of the lack of accountability. It's so easy for me to just sit on the couch or sit on my bed and watch Netflix, and watch Love Island and do absolutely nothing. I love learning new dances, but at the same time, I need someone to hold me accountable and actually get my body moving. So, I invested in my client Rachel. 

Rachel Stewart and I have been working together for, oh my god, six months now, and she is also in the Mastermind which I'm so excited for, we'll be working together for 10 months, we've basically created a baby together. And I invested in her Bring Out Your Badass program, because I want accountability, I want support, and I want some support on a different level than just business support. And the community aspect of everything to me is so important, especially during COVID. I live alone and I love Chiddy, she's just chilling with me on my bed. I love her to death, but at the same time, she's not a human, you know what I mean? So, I invested in Rachel. If you wanna follow her, her handle is @rachel_stewart_fitness. So go follow her, she's amazing, get in Bring Out Your Badass, join it with me, Jill's doing it too. So, we believe in investing in our clients because they're all so frigging talented. 

This is all self-care, you have to do something self-care related, whether it's journaling, EFT, doing something for yourself, do something for yourself to then better your business and our clients, because they're both so intertwined. 

2. Trust

The second piece is building trust within our audience. Of course, people need to know us, they need to like us, they need to trust us in order to even consider buying something. So, the different ways that we can build trust within our audience are gonna be engagement, behind-the-scenes content, regular uploads, and daily content. 

So, obviously, engagement, genuinely engaging with your audience. Now, I have a social media marketing agency that does this for me, and a bunch of other high-level coaches in the industry, so they go out and they find leads and develop those leads for us, and then, we just close the client, basically. But even going into people's Instagrams, or Facebook groups and engaging in there, and actually just showing up and being a genuine human being is going to propel you forward because you're just building trust, and building relationships with your ideal clients. 

Behind-the-scenes content, that could be something like a time-lapse of you typing on your computer being like, "I'm working on something new, "so excited to give this to you guys!" Or showing people the backend of your course, or showing people how you set up your contracts. Whatever's relevant to you, show people behind the scenes so they can actually see what it's like. A lot of people, especially in bigger businesses and companies don't normally get to see the behind the scenes of what's going on, and that builds trust and relations with other people. 

Regular uploads and daily content. So, those are two different things, regular uploads is obviously keeping your content relevant and regular, and you're actually showing up constantly, and you're not updating your Instagram story once in a blue moon. Then, daily content would be repetitive things so people can get used to seeing you do specific things on social media. And this idea actually came from radio broadcasting. I was in radio for six years before I went full-time into business, and you'll notice if you listen to radio shows, they have specific things they do every single time of every single day, and that's to create audience listenership and loyalty and all of that stuff, and you can do the exact same thing on your Instagram stories and on your Instagram. So, I know some people that pour a cup of coffee every single day, and that's their thing. Or people do dance videos like I do, or whatever's relevant to your business and your personal brand, do something every single day so people can look forward to doing that specific thing, or looking at that specific thing every single day. I dive more into that in Stickers, so if you're in Stickers, go do that. 

3. Learning

The third thing is going to be learning, so this kind of goes into self-care and bettering yourself for your business, but we need to learn something new every single day, whether that's through mentorship, YouTube,'re just gonna be bettering yourself as a business owner for your clients, and this is why I will always, always, always invest in a coach and people smarter than me. I have two very high-level coaches. One is Sabrina Philipp, and the other is Shannon Lutz at The Social Bungalow. Both of them are just insane geniuses at what they do, and they're both very, very successful, and I surround myself with people like that, because even when both of them open their mouth, I'm like, "I would have never thought of that." Or maybe you would have thought of that, they just said it in a different way that just sparks something for you in your mind, and having a mentor is so important, and whether or not you want to invest in a mentor right now, that's the biggest thing that I suggest, because it's such a great return on your investment. You can watch YouTube videos, you can listen to podcasts, anything that's gonna spark creativity in your mind, and get you excited about doing something, or creating something in your business again, or even just teaching something new. 

4. Community

The fourth activity is going to be community! Obviously, we wanna create this community within the people that are watching us. We don't just wanna have an audience and not do anything or make them feel like they're a part of our lives. It's why celebrities and artists have names for their audiences. Like, oh my god, I cannot remember what Ariana Grande's is, but like Beliebers for Justin Bieber. So, if you create a name for your audience, that just kind of intertwines everyone together, and it feels like you're part of a little family, like y'all are my baddies, or my friends. You know what I mean? Or creating a close friends feature on Instagram, and uploading exclusive content into there. Group chats are also really good for Instagram and even for Facebook Messenger, if that's more of your thing. Facebook groups, really, really great for creating community.

5. Authority

And then, the fifth piece is going to be building your authority. So, obviously, for people to buy from us, they need to see us as someone who is a mentor to them, who knows a lot more and who can better themselves and their business. So, giving new info out to other people, teaching them about your framework or methodology. If you don't have a framework or methodology yet, we're going deep into that in Your Next Level Mastery Mastermind with Jill and I. Highlighting a client win, or even a win for yourself, and how maybe you did that. And then, sharing how you're growing in your business, and sharing maybe what you're doing behind the scenes, and how you're growing and how you're bettering yourself. 

To review those once more, self-care is the first one, second is building trust, third is learning, fourth is community, and fifth is authority. And those are gonna be your five daily money-making activities to hit your next level. Woo woo! 

My Journey with Mindset

I wanted to take some time to share my journey with mindset and strategy! I have a very masculine, logistical, logical, brain. And, sometimes it doesn’t feel like mindset work is what I need. BUTTT let me assure you that you do need both mindset and strategy to really scale and hit your next level.

As I said, I am very logical, I'm very strategic, I'm very show me the numbers, I'm very I need the strategy, I need the steps, I'm very much like if you don't give me the next step I'm like I need the next step. I need a strategy. But with mindset practices, it's very much like how do you feel about that thing? Or let's get into a high vibe. And back in the day, I was like this is all bullshit. This is just so messed up. How could this help me in any way, shape, or form? I thought all of it was just a load of crock to be honest with you. 

Then I started hitting my 20k months, and I was working all the time. I worked on weekends, I worked until like 10 pm, I had no time for myself, I had no self care, I was just sad and overworked and overtired and bitchy all the time, because I just was always working. And then people would comment and say that I was so inspirational, which killed me because I wasn't a role model at all! I literally felt like I just wanted to sleep forever. It was so sad. And I knew that this wasn’t what I wanted, or a sustainable way to run a business!

What I didn't realize was the imposter syndrome that was at play! Imposter Syndrome is so much more than who am I to do this? That's obviously a valid imposter syndrome reason, but at the same time it's not what I dealt with and that's kind of always what I thought imposter syndrome was, the thoughts of like who am I to do this? And I rarely rarely rarely have those thoughts, I'm very much the type of person that's like fuck you watch me. So, I didn’t think I had imposter syndrome...but I was wrong!

My imposter syndrome was telling me that I need to be constantly working in order to succeed, I'm not valuable unless I'm constantly working. I'm not a successful coach if I'm not doing everything all of the time. And so that was my biggest hurdle. And I didn't realize that was really holding me back until I was hitting those 20k months, and I was like I don't want this to be my business. I wanted my 20k months to continue, obviously. But I had mindset work to do, to stop the feeling of needing to hustle my face off 24/7 in order to make anything happen for myself.

I’m still not the type of person to have a mindset practice where I meditate and I journal and I do all the things. I don't like writing all that much, especially with pen and paper, just because my brain is weird. But what I do like to do is wake up really fucking late in the day and I like to start work super slow. So, typically I'll wake up at like 9:00 or 9:30, sometimes 10:00 am, I will lay in bed for a bit, just chill. Sometimes I'll watch tiktok, which I know people are saying you're not supposed to have your phone in your bed but like let me watch a few tiktoks, okay? It's funny, let me live. And then I'll eat breakfast, watch YouTube videos, and just take my morning super slow. I don't take any calls before 11 AM. Typically client calls start between like 11:30 and noon, and then I'll work till like six. And then I'll let myself chill for the rest of the day.

Client calls, I don't have any on Fridays. I rarely have some on Thursdays. I've batched my days where Mondays and Tuesdays are my really busy days, which I'm totally fine with, that's where I have most of my client calls. Then on Wednesdays it's decently busy. Thursdays and Fridays it's all about me and my business and what I wanna do in my business. And that's what works for me, and that's what gives me self care, because I'm able to just check out at the end of the day. 

Something that really helped me was actually giving yourself a thing to do every single day when you check out. Or like you clock out for the day. So if you're at a part time job where you have to physically clock out and leave the building, then that is your cue of "I'm done work for the day." Some people drink a glass of wine. Some people play video games, smoke weed, whatever you're doing, for me, it is eating dinner. After I eat dinner I'm not doing any work after that, which is usually around like 6:30 PM. And that's just what's helped me out so much is that I give myself the rule of we're not working after we eat dinner because then that's time that we're hanging out with my boo, or we're watching Love Island, or I'm doing nothing. You know what I mean? It has helped tremendously. But, the clocking out at the end of the day thing was really big for me. And that's something that I highly recommend everyone having. 

Having a mindset routine has made business five billion times easier for me which makes me serve my clients on a whole new level. It makes me a happier human being. I'm able to outsource to my team. And trust them and give them things to do and actually just be the CEO of my business rather than me being everything within my business. Which is just such a blessing. My team is absolutely incredible. 

Once you get the mindset strategy on point and you break through all the limiting beliefs in your subconscious, I know Jill says oh my gosh, I might get the number wrong, but 99.96% of everything we do comes from our subconscious brain. But, once you work through all those limiting beliefs in your subconscious and you're able to actually just show up and do the things that you actually wanna do and work through that launch plan that's gonna be so successful for you because you don't have those limiting beliefs in the back of your mind.

This is exactly why Jill and I created Your Next Level Mastery Mastermind. There's no other program out there where you get Jill, who is the leader in imposter syndrome coaching who is kickass at NLP which is a bunch of techniques to break through those limiting beliefs in your subconscious, but then there's also me where once you get a hang of this over here with your mindset, then we go into business strategy and we focus on building your business and we focus on your launch plan, building a community that is your literal raving fans and your loyal as fuck tribe. Once we get those two together, then literally you hit your next level. These are both the components of hitting your next level and that's exactly why we created the mastermind. 

It’s important to us that this experience is not only fun and beneficial, but also that it is going to make you hit your next level in business whether that's 2k, 5k, 10k, serving this amount of clients, designing this amount of websites, whatever it is. But, at the same time, we also wanted to make it an experience where you can be so goofy with all of your best friends and have fun and have this community full of people who just understand exactly what you're going through because we as online coaches and as standout leaders in our industry, we get where you are and where you wanna go. We've been there before or even we're there with you right now, and we know exactly what's going through your mind and your business, and we can break through those limiting beliefs, again, and give you the strategy to help you hit that next level. Plus these are like implementable tools that you can use for the rest of your life. So, we're so fucking excited about this. If you have any questions about it, please let me know!

5 IG Story Prompt Ideas to Create a Loyal AF Audience

Today we're gonna be going over the five story prompt ideas to build a loyal as fuck tribe! All of this comes from Stickers, so if you want to know more...that’s where to find it. 

So let's break these all down and then I'll explain what they mean and how we can actually implement them. The first one that I wanna talk about is a polarizing call out, one of my faves. The second is gonna be an Instagram story feature. The third is training on how you can get X to the fundamental sticker, which we'll talk about. Number four is something people may not know about you and number five is a story from A to goals, so let's break all of those down as to why we wanna do them and why they're gonna be so impactful for your business to create this loyal audience that's gonna buy from you literally no matter what you offer. 

1. Polarizing Call Out

I absolutely love polarizing content! This is calling people out in some regard or sharing your opinion on something that may be a little bit controversial. A good example is, back in the day when people used to be like, "Hey guys, what's up? "Happy Monday! "Hope you're having a great day! "Today I'm gonna do a mini training on" and you wanna just fucking die because everyone did that and it was so annoying. It wasted 10 to 15 seconds of everyone's life so then everyone would skip your stories and it would ruin your engagement and ruin your reach because you just couldn't get over the fact of you saying, "Hey guys, what's up?" So I called people out on doing that all the time. And that's a polarizing opinion. 

The way to go about making a polarizing opinion is calling it out, but making sure that you give a solution at the end of it. We want to give them a quick win, and making this change is a quick win. When we give people a quick win, especially when it comes to something like that and you like change or reframe their mind or something like that or reframe the way that they're doing things and then give them a quick win and it works out really well for them, they're gonna be like, "Yes, of course, "like, it's amazing." 

2. Instagram Story Feature

First Instagram story prompt you're gonna be doing. Second is gonna be your Instagram story feature. So, we talk about this in depth within Stickers, but basically it's the same thing as my work break dance party where you do the same thing every single day that people are like, "Wow, I cannot wait to look forward to this." They recreate it. You get more clout from them. They create some kind of consistency and familiarity with your content and they're gonna be like, "Oh my gosh, this is the coolest thing! "Wow, I love Julia's content "'cause I know exactly what I'm gonna get out of it. "I'm gonna get dancing videos. "I'm gonna get some baddie quotes. "I'm gonna get some swear words. "Gonna get some amazing business tips." All that stuff. It's super, super, super important so get in stickers to learn more about the Instagram story features, but basically what I'm saying is, just do the same thing every single day, that's fun to watch and for people to recreate, boom, bam, there you go. 

3. Training on how you can get X to the fundamental sticker

The fundamental stickers are, in case you don't know, and you're not in the stickers gang yet. Fundamental stickers are the key words and phrases we use to describe and market our business based off the results we give to our clients. So we wanna tell a story and take someone on a journey of how we got from X to a fundamental sticker. This could be through a mini training. This could be through a story, whatever it is I want you to actually paint the picture of them moving through it. We talk about this in stickers a lot, as we will in most things that I'm mentioning here, but storytelling is huge in marketing and in business and in personal branding. So painting the story and painting the picture of how people get there, including the emotions, what they did, the strategies that you did so then people, again, can take those strategies and actually implement them because they're gonna remember them because they're told in a story and they're not told as just like fact, fact, fact, here's my call to action, whatever, because people are 22 times more likely to remember things in stories versus when they just hear the facts because that's just the way the human brain works. 

4. Something people may not know about you

I think this is pretty obvious, but just sharing something that, again, people may not know about you. It could be the fact that you love Starbucks. I give away Starbucks gift cards all the time because I love Starbucks and I know that my people, my baddies love Starbucks as well. Or it could be, sharing those vulnerable moments in your life. It could be that you only sleep on cotton sheets. I don't know, whatever it is about you that's something people may not know. Or like, I was in, I've been in cheerleading for 14 years. Been a cheer coach for like five. I was a cheer judge for like three. Cheerleading is a huge part of my life and I feel like a lot of people don't know that, so there you go. And then you get a different connection with this person. You're like, "Holy shit. "I cheerleaded!" Or like, "I danced," or like, "Wow, I did baseball," and automatically we have a better connection because I just shared something that may or may not relate to you in your life. 

5. Story from A to goals

SImilar to the fundamental sticker, except the fundamental sticker's gonna be a result. A story from A to goals could be something like a client win or it could be like a before and after. You know how people do like, before and after pictures of me just starting out. Sad, always working, and then they have like 25 K months. Working three hours a day, doing all the things, or outsourcing everything. That could be a story from A to goals as well. Another story from A to goals could be like, mm let's say, it doesn't even necessarily have to be about business. It could be about like the fact of how you struggled to get pregnant and now you're a mom. Something along those lines and what you did to become pregnant. I'm not, so I don't know anything about that. It could be relevant to you in your situation, but a story about how you went from this one place and how you got to your goals. 

So those are the five story prompts. Boom, bam, you got five days! It's like I made my audience loyal as hell to me over two or three days just by dancing, which has nothing to do with business, but I made it about business. Cheers to that. My challenge to you guys is to actually do one of these and tag me so I can see it @juliapiccolicoaching on Instagram so do a polarizing call out on your Instagram story, an Instagram story feature, a training on how you can get from X to your fundamental sticker, something people may not know about you, and/or story of how you went from A to a goal.

How I made my audience obsessed with me by dancing

I want to talk about how I made my audience, people in my circle, people outside of my circle, how I made them all obsessed with me within a matter of days. And I want you to know that you can do the same. 

I wanted to preface and give you the entire story on how this all started! I posted on my Instagram story on Friday night saying I wanted to learn this dance that I've been in love with since summer of last year. And I posted it, just wanted to get accountability, and to have someone to show after I was done. Because I didn't wanna memorize this entire dance and teach myself this whole dance, and not be able to show anyone without any context. So, that's what I did. And then once those comments started rolling in, and once I started filming time lapses of me learning this dance, showing progress of me learning the first half and the second half. I brought people along this process with me and I documented all of this content. 

I didn't create any of it. I documented the content. The difference between documenting content and creating content, documenting is showing the behind the scenes, and showing people all of the info that goes into it. Versus an example of creating content is mini trainings, where you give point one, two, three, call to action. 

Once I started documenting, the comments started rolling in. People messaged saying, "This is so cool, oh my gosh, you're so sick, "I can't wait to see more, wow this is amazing. "You're so fire, you're so this, you're so that." And these are people that were, yes, some of my immediate circle people, like my warm leads, my friends, whoever. But they were also people that I've almost never talked to, I talked to them months ago but we haven't connected in so long. These are people in and out of my circle that are now connecting with me on a much deeper level than they ever would have before. 

I quickly realized that this is a perfect training moment for me to show people how important it is to document content, but also have a killer personal brand that people are going to remember forever. This is why stickers is so frickin' important! I can't stress enough how important a personal brand is, because everything revolves back to personal branding. It's the reason why people invest in you, it's the reason that they remember you, it's the reason why they choose you, it's the reason that they remember you outside of social media. It's literally everything. If you wanna build a profitable business, you need to have a killer personal brand. Just point blank, period. Sorry, that's the tea. 

I posted the dance, the full one after I was done. Like me, showing videos of me, sweaty, laying on my floor for hours, me learning this dance for hours, me teaching myself, whatever. People started to build a much more genuine relationship with me and see me on a much different level because I'm not just giving business advice. You got to see me on a different level rather than just business Julia who really is me, just not talking about business stuff all the time. You got to see a different piece of me, you got to connect with me on a different level because some people absolutely love dancing. Or they didn't realize that I've been a competitive cheerleader for 14 years. They're like, "Holy shit, that's so awesome!" Because your brain reminds you of a time where you did that exact same thing or you have a specific time. Maybe you guys danced when you were younger and you're like, "Oh, my God, I did dance too!" Now we have something that's in relation to us versus if I was just to give you business advice all the time.

This is the reason that people invest in someone, because they are invested in their life. If you think about, I'm just gonna go on a rant here. But if you think about every single movie character or TV character, anyone that you absolutely loved in the past, the reason that you love them is because you knew everything about them. You know their laugh, their smile, what makes them cry, how they went from point A to their goals. You know everything about them so that's why you're in love with them. So me showing people that I was learning this dance and taking them along the journey with me, they felt like they were a part of something that was me. They weren't doing the dance with me, I didn't give a tutorial on this dance, I didn't do anything. But I brought them along in the process of me learning how to do it, and they felt more connected to me and felt like they were along the process with me. So people would come back to Instagram just to watch my Instagram stories, and I got so much more engagement and so much more connection out of these people. Which, from a strategy standpoint, also makes the algorithm show me more because they've already engaged with me. It's a win-win-win scenario. 

I wanna emphasize how important it is to have a personal brand and to document content. Personal branding encompasses literally everything within business. Like I said before, it's the reason why people do anything within your business, it's the reason why people invest in you, it's the reason why they remember you, it's everything. I did the dance to Ariana Grande and Social Houses song, "Boyfriend." And I can guarantee you any time my audience hears that song, in real life, they're gonna think about me. Which is killer, because we want people to remember us outside of social media and outside of Facebook, and whatever, and outside of Instagram.

So, the moral of this story is documenting your content is KEY!! You can’t just create content and expect your audience to understand you, you want them to see you as more than just IG, you want them to know YOU!!