Embody Your Unique Brilliance to Sell Effortlessly

It's time to build & sell out your offers with confidence. I've got you, baddie.
Hell, yes!

Hey, I'm Julia!

Better known as your Baddie Biz Bestie.

I have a undeniable, soul-on-fire, kinda passion for helping female entrepreneurs embody their unique brilliance, make profit, and live out their definition of freedom.

Whether you've been in the game for a while or you're just starting out, listen up, Baddie:

I have programs, systems, and methods for each stage of business to build your loyal community and create more profit than ever before utilizing my extensive knowledge of personal branding and online business.

Raving Fans Audience Accelerator

An in-depth course that will make all of this possible:

- having a raving fan, loyal community while it grows naturally

- feeling confident showing up online knowing that you have a corner of the internet that loves you for you

- you know exactly how to keep them engaged

- You feel like the 90's pop star younger-you always dreamed of being
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STICKERS - Profitable Personal Brands

Effortless and authentic personal brands lives here. This is my signature methodology and course to create a profitable personal brand that positions you as the industry leader with a raving fan audience.

Are you ready to watch your business/brand scale rapidly right before your eyes; you're being the most authentic version of yourself and people are paying MORE to work with YOU?!
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Not A Course Kinda Baddie?

Don't worry - I've got you (as always)

1:1 Coaching with Julia is available for the business owners looking for full support, solutions, and success. It's the kinda transform where you think "it's been 6 months and I have a whole new person"
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Just some of the amazing results
I want in!
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