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Let's be honest...

How engaged is your audience? Do you feel like you're talking to a brick wall when you sell something? Let's change this. 
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Is this how you're feeling right now??

Your growth feels slower than Donald Trump signing stimulus checks
You feel like you're always running in a circle chasing after a carrot (aka more followers without a return)
You're starting to feel stuck with growing your community ... like this isn't for you
You think, even if you were to gain followers, how do you even make them loyal to you and constantly consume your content?
Julia is so much fun to work with, while also being incredibly savvy and knowledgable. She’s a kickass coach! Her energy and drive are contagious. She helped me grow into my most “me” self and translated that into my brand so that it feels so authentic to who I am. I am so grateful to have worked with her and excited about where my business is going to go next!

Rachel Stewart

Fitness & Diet Coach
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Hi, I'm Julia

I help womxn embody & monetize their unique brilliance, build a raving fans audience, and sell effortlessly every single day.

I'm all about building a community with raving fans. Before I started my own business two years ago, I was a #1 rated radio host for six years. To this day, I still have radio listeners following me. When I was a radio host, I was able to build a personal brand that people were obsessed with (#humblebrag). Six years later, I still have loyal fans engaging with my content.

In business, I made my first $25,000 with less than 1,700 Instagram followers. My businesses have only continued to grow through building a raving fan audience.

Are you sick of ghost followers? Want raving fans in your list? Jump in, let's build your community.
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I want in!

Ready for your own raving fan audience?

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