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Your exact step-by-step course to creating a Profitable Personal Brand that positions you as an industry leader with a raving fan audience
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Is STICKERS for you?

Do you see everyone else being known for this 1 thing and you have no idea what your 'thing' is?

Your DMs are full of ghosts/people trying to cold pitch you?

You're wanting to have raving fan audience that are more obsessed with you than they are with The Bachelor?

You want to position yourself as the authority you know you are without it taking ~years~?

You want to make an impact on your industry and the world, while being your most authentic, silly, and true self?

This is What You Want

(Whatcha' really really want)

✓ To wake up, take your mornings slow, open your DMs and see people tagging you in their stories, people asking "Do you have space left in your program?" and people praising you for being so true-to-you

✓ To watch your business scale rapidly right before your eyes; you're being the most authentic version of yourself and people are paying MORE to work with YOU!

✓ You're seen as the expert and the authority in your industry and you're clear af on how to show up for your dream clients

✓ You have developed an unforgettable personal brand, therefore a business that's set to scale for years with ease
Stickers was the best investment into my personal branding. I've always been clear on transforming my clients but not in this way. This course helped me show up on BRAND everyday for the last month. I know how I can show up and be in a way that helps me sign my dream clients. Thank you for the clarity! It has changed my business to the tune of 7k!!


Sales Expert
Went from $200 to $200k within one year

Imagine If...

? Whenever your dream clients thought of your niche, they instantly thought of you

? You have a loyal af audience waiting on the edge of their seat to invest in your next offer

? You never questioned how people thought about you or how you we're showing up online

? You received messages every day saying "I just love you and your content so much! I need in your program"

? You were making more money than ever before, serving all your dream clients, and genuinely happy with being your true self online

What do you get from STICKERS?


Methods to apply right now to enhance your personal brand and scale your business.


You gain access to Julia's proven methodologies, knowledge, and strategies.


to all current modules and future their updates.

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just *some* of the results from STICKERS

Are you ready to have your audience invest MORE, just to work with YOU?

You are already the expert. You are already an amazing leader. It's time to let your audience see you, your unique brilliance and become obsessed with you. That's all possible inside of STICKERS. 
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